Bribery: Amaechi Threatens To Expose Buhari, As Presidency Opens Investigation On Amaechi



These are not the best of times for the Minister of Transportation. The house of the presidency appears struck on a path to self implosion as reliable information available to obtained through sources within the presidency indicate the President had ordered for a comprehensive investigation into the allegations leveled on the Transport Minister by numerous Justices of the Federation. And in turn, the Transport Minister is said to have threatened retaliation by exposing the President’s dirty deals over the alleged bribery allegation.

Following what appeared as serialized exposure by the Justices of the federation of the involvement of Rotimi Amaechi in the attempt to subvert the judicial process, the President of the federation, General Mohammadu Buhari fell under the immense pressure from the international community to investigate the validity in the claims leveled by the Justices. To this end, the President instructed for a probe be launched into the activities as alleged by the Judges. The Judges had alleged that Amaechi attempted to bribe them in more than one occasion.

Information available to reliably confirms a probe into the claims of the Judges were launched based on the instructions of Mr. President. All of the bank accounts known to belong to Amaechi, according to our source, have been placed under watch – and the historical activity on the account sequestered.

In retaliation, the former Governor of Rivers State and the present Minister of Transport – Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has chosen to go the route of blackmail. He is said to have opted to expose all involved parties in the said attempted bribery of the justices. “Amaechi has documentary evidence that shows Buhari was in-the-know about the attempt to bribe the Judges and how many of the campaign funds were raised.”

Amaechi has assembled the documents and has sent over to Saharareporters, with whom he has a working financial relationship to publish the documents“, stated our source who explained that Amaechi had used his relationship with Saharareporters to push the All Progressive Congress [APC] change mantra. “The relationship is still existing”.

It is expected that in the coming days or weeks that Saharareporters will begin publication of documents – that is – if the presidency continues its probe of Amaechi. But what it certain is that Amaechi has already forwarded the said documents to the publishers of Saharareporters.



  1. Heads would roll as the walls of the presidency are now full of cracks and holes. They shall know from this that God rules in the kingdom of men and that there is no secret under the Sun.

  2. I have never seen a news pirtl that tell lies and fabricate none sense like your organisation. I believe this will not help the growth of this company but…..

  3. The drama in the federal government Nigeria is such that should not be exposed to the international body any longer, cause, it is disastrous to the image of the country.

  4. @Tola it is very unfortunate that your so called Country have no single good image in the outside World, but some people at home don’t know, do you know that Mr Buhari did not have a good ending in his visit to German, he was nearly bundled out of Germany as requested by the opposition party bcos of his comment concerning his wife. To the international Community Nigeria means nothing, can you see the type of jamboree they are playing with the life of the people. One thing is clear here, the country like any other thing made by man has come to an end. Amechi must come home disgraced at last watchout


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