Buhari Orders Mammam Daura Out Of AsoVilla, Back To Kaduna

The then President-Elect Buhari trip to London ...with Mamman Daura
President Buhari receiving foreign delegates... with Mamman Daura present
President Buhari receiving foreign delegates… with Mamman Daura present
The then President-Elect Buhari trip to London ...with Mamman Daura
The then President-Elect Buhari trip to London …with Mamman Daura

Information reaching 247ureports.com from sources within the presidency indicates that all might not be well within the ruling party – the All Progressive Congress [APC] and the administrative structure within the president’s kitchen cabinet. This is as our usually reliable source revealed that the President had ordered his man-Friday and closest ally within the presidency, Mammam Daura to return to his home at Kaduna and leave out of the Presidential villa.

The news of the President’s instruction to his nephew to move out of the presidential residence comes amidst fast growing unease within the polity over the fast worsening economic conditions in the country. The fast depreciating economic conditions and the growing hardship within the populace and masses is suspected to have led the President to rise to necessary adjustments within his internal circle. But the real reasons remain uncertain.

To many within earshot of the President, the fast depreciating conditions is said to have been masked away from the President by the few close associates around the President – the likes of Mamman Daura, Abba Kyari, Ahmed Jona and others.

It is believed also the President may have awoken to the possibility of his internal circle being part of his administration’s Achilles heel. Our source states the President is geared to began mass sweeping changes in the various ministries and strategic positions to help untie the rigid economy – and to also present his administration as responsive.

Mammam Daura who serves at no official position at the Buhari administration is reported to be the most powerful and/or most influential figure away from the President. He is said to have the final say on virtually all important decisions made by the President. With the aide of the chief of staff, Abba Kyari, Daura is reported to have become the de-factor president. “He oversees all top appointments to sensitive boards and parastatals“, said our source who continued that the President had up till now deferred all decisions regarding Nigerian economic programs to Mamman Daura. “And Daura has smiled to the bank steadily. The man is only there to enrich himself“.

According to reports, Daura is said to be two and half years older than President Buhari. The nephew-uncle relationship is described as extremely close and date back to childhood years. With Buhari in power, the relationship is said to have taken another dimension entirely with Daura wielding near-absolute power and authority.

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