Why President Buhari Is Angry With Femi Fani Kayode

Fani-Kayode: We Look Forward To A Fearless Campaign Team, Groups Tell Atiku


The notorious and loud mouthed surrogate of the failed People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the person of Femi Fani Kayode immediately following the accession of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to the topmost seat in the country has become a stubborn itch to the day to day affairs of the ruling political party and the Buhari’s administration. He has remained steadfast and dedicated in his unrelenting criticisms of the Buhari administration and the glaring anomalies embedded in the non-execution of economic palliatives to the populace.

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But it has not also been that way for the loud mouth Kayode who once served as an Aviation Minister under the Obasanjo administration. He has not also been the surrogate loudspeaker for the PDP. Shortly following his stint at the Aviation Ministry, the new government which took over from the Obasanjo administration refused to return him into any political position. He was not appointed into any position. Kayode, feeling hurt and ego bruised, quickly found his footing with the opposition. He quickly became one of the more vocal opposition voices against the then Jonathan administration.

As the party mega merger which gave birth the APC took form, Kayode was quick to form to mount the stage as one of the prominent loudspeakers against the then ruling party, the PDP.

However something happened also the way to derail Kayode from heading towards the APC destination. He switched sides in what appeared to the general populace as unprovoked. It was sudden.

Investigation conducted by 247ureports.com indicate that Kayode’s switch from the APC to the PDP during the eve of electioneering period was not without an inside story of bribery, greed and simple immorality. It was gathered Kayode’s switch was based primarily on winner takes all crab in barrel ideology.


Bola Tinubu during the said period had approached Kayode with a proposed assignment. The assignment was for Kayode to use his megaphones to market the idea of a Muslim / Muslim ticket for the presidential ticket of the APC. Tinubu was considering being the vice presidential candidate for Buhari’s candidacy. Tinubu being a Muslim by religious faith, it made for a possible tough sale in a religiously polarized country as Nigeria. So Tinubu approached Kayode and debriefed him, and also told him that the sum of N3.5million was in it for him. Kayode who sources say was financially strapped, accepted the offer without hesitation. kayode was set to launch the campaign when word got to the then ruling party, the PDP, and to then President Jonathan. The duo were quick to reach out to Kayode with a better offer.

Kayode and President Jonathan met through the mediation of a PDP board of trustees member from Edo State, Tony Anenih.  The meeting yielded the result President Jonathan was looking for. In return, Kayode received a N35million payday in addition to promises of having him play a big role in the reelection campaign of President Jonathan and the wider PDP.  Immediately, Kayode was game. He took the garnet and headed straight for the bulls eye. Like the break of dawn, Kayode turned on the Tinubu led APC. He then became the first to let lose the secret plan of Muslim / Muslim presidential ticket for the APC.  He took his noise to the many television stations that would accept him a guest commentator.

The switch, as 247ureports.com learnt, did not seat particularly well with General Mohammed Buhari. Our source states that Buhari who had a soft spot for Kayode and a keen liking to him, was unsettled and hurt by Kayode’s switch and the political attacks which followed as the presidential campaign opened up. Buhari was said to have wanted Kayode in his cabinet prior to his switch.

So as President Buhari won the election and took to the seat of leadership and the commander in chief of the Nigerian armed forces, he hunt was set. He first began with the facilitators of the campaign – those who made available the finances [Dasuki and company]. He then moved on to the publicity secretary of the PDP [Olisa Metuh]. From Olisa Metu, his boys descended on Femi Fani Kayode.

Impartial observers of the on-goings in the Nigerian political theater view the recent arrest by the anti-graft Agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of Fani Kayode as tongue in cheek investigation of phantom financial crimes. They viewed it as an extension of another revenge mission by the President. “Kayode’s arrest was clear intimidation”, stated a former governor of a south south state as he explained that Kayode had no access to public funds and thus could not have committed financial crimes with public funds. “His arrest should remind Nigerians of what Buhari is capable of”, he concluded.



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