The Arrest Of Musa Azare And The Rise Of Garrison Politics In Bauchi State – By Muhammed Adamu Muhammed


“Farar kura, ga tsoro, ga ban tsoro” (the white hyena is always scared but it tries to scare people)


Bullies are usually tall, big, fat and in the case of adults, with big pot bellies that try to justify their empty bigness by clamping down on weaker elements. They are usually dull and unable to compete in wits and brains and therefore suffer from inferiority complex and insecurity. When a bully happens to have executive powers in your state, then he sees all the indigenes of that state as a prey to bully. By so doing, he is assured of his status and stature as a bully. Bullying makes him feel strong and alive. There’s only thing in his mind; bullying!

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But I’ve noticed from my early days that all bullies are cowards. Oppressive and tyrannical leaders are all bullies. They resort to oppression because they have no idea on what to do with executive powers or the objectives they want to achieve. They are chicken-hearted, lily-livered and scared to death of confrontation. The moment you show some fear to a bully, you become an easy prey and he keeps coming at you over and over again because your fear has given him a license to oppress you. But when you face the bully with courage and determination, the coward becomes scared to his bone marrow, folds his guts like a mat and pees in his pants!


Musa Azare has refused to submit to  the executive bully of Bauchi State. He has remained a fearless critic of the rudder-less government on social media and has not hesitated in exposing any corrupt act of our own Pharaoh. Due to his relentless crusade and demand for good governance, he has received threats from people purporting to be agents of the government. He has been called and threatened several times on the phone. Just yesterday, he was arrested by the men of the Nigerian Police Force in front of his house in Abuja. We believe the State Government is behind his travails.


Just last week, Musa Azare shared the post of one Alyasa’a Hassan in which the writer accused the Governor of Bauchi State of ordering the arrest and detention of the Deputy Chairman of the APC and its Treasurer in Bauchi State. Though not the author of the said post, one Barrister Ishaq Hussaini Magaji (an apologist of the government) told Musa Azare in a conversation that the “reproduction of a crime is also a crime” and that “accusing our Governor for complicity in the instant case amount to CYBER-STALKING”.


Musa Azare munched and sent me the whole conversation on whatsapp and he expressed the fear that the State Government is taking steps to order his arrest for cyber-stalking. Now I wonder, does Barrister Ishaq Hussaini Magaji know more about this case?


Since the inauguration of this Egyptian government in Bauchi State, the story has only been that of sheer wickedness, insensitivity and intolerance to criticisms. The Governor and his lackeys are constantly in the media complaining about those criticizing him on social media instead of devoting their time and exerting pressure on their brains to think of ways of developing our state. The story has been that of under-development in Bauchi State. The story has been that of fighting perceived enemies rather than fighting poverty and their own disease of cluelessness.


This arrest is the straw that will break the camel’s back. No one is big enough in size or power to scare us into silence. Musa Azare will be released and we, the youths, will plan a counter-attack on our Pharaoh and his Egyptian government. We shall act in every legitimate way to obtain justice. This arrest has only awoken us from our partial slumber. No police cell or prison is big enough to incarcerate our pens or jail our consciences.



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