Reflection Of Delta At 25: And Governor Ifeanyi Okowa Goofed In His Moment Of Glory – By Fejiro Oliver

Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah
Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah

The celebration of Delta at 25 may have come and gone but the memories will ever remain. The ugly memories which outclassed the event will never be washed away in a hurry. The sad memories that revealed itself that Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is running an Anioma agenda will secretly be discussed even among the Urhobos, Itsekiris, Isokos and Ijaw political class. Those who benefit from the government may be blind to it, but those with conscience will never.

It was the day that it became a public knowledge that the government afterall is not ‘Prosperity for all’ as proclaimed by the governor but a government for few contractors and political jobbers who are close friends of the government. I will not write on this here but will do justice to it in a news report after studying the whole documents already obtained.

The Delta Economic Summit which was the hallmark of the event can best be said to be a near All Progressive Congress (APC) event. For a state that claims to be a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) body, soul and spirit to leave its own PDP governors and invited an APC governor and stalwarts in the name of special guest of honor and guest lecturers, it sends a strong political message that Okowa is massaging the ruling party to the detriment of his own dying party.

For heaven sake, what did Aminu Tambuwal who is Sokoto State governor come to do that his own PDP governor from Rivers State or Akwa Ibom cannot do? What is the rationale of leaving out his own party men to dine publicly with the APC before the full glare of the world? If he must invite a governor of APC State, why didn’t he invite Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State to come and give tips on how he is turning Lagos around instead of Tambuwal? Is Okowa plotting to decamp to APC due to the anger f the people against his government which might work against his re-election?

Okowa did not stop there but invited another APC Chieftain in the person of Ibe Kachikwu (Minister of Petroleum, State) as a special guest. Are there no PDP technocrats that can be invited instead of Kachikwu? If Okowa had invited him as a personal friend or indigene of the State, it could have been forgiven, but he did so with the excuse that he’s a technocrat that can talk on the economic policies that will affect the State positively.

Who is advising Okowa? Who made him commit the blunder that there are no tested economic gurus of PDP extraction that can talk on good economic policies of the state? Apart from the Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo, the invitation of all the APC functionaries present was a blunder that even a new politician should not commit. If Okowa truly meant to invite APC national leaders who are vast in economic policies, he should have invited Otega Emerhor, a true son of the soil, opposition leader in the State and a world renowned business mogul. At least it will show his readiness to unite Deltans irrespective of political affiliations.

The invitation of Tambuwal and Co sends just one message and that is; Okowa is romancing the APC government at the Federal level to remain in the good books of President Muhammadu Buhari who has since marked the state as one to be placed under watch by the anti corruption agencies.

One had expected that with such a unique celebration of a Silver Jubilee, the government will be true to itself by using it as an avenue to foster unity, but more than ever before, Deltans are more divided on political issues and ethnic line. For the first time in 25 years, our political and tribal division is brought to the public and Okowa cannot be exonerated from this evil cropping in.

The awards for deserving Deltans given out by the State Government can best be described as an incomplete award. What is such an event without an award to Great Ovedje Ogboru who has consistently served as the conscience of the state and stopped it from being a complete one party state? The history of Delta State at 25 cannot be written without Ogboru active involvement.

What is such an award without Otega Emerhor, who blazed the trail by setting up Standard Alliance Group of Companies that has stood tall among insurance companies? For a man that is a major bank shareholder and Vice Chairman of Transcorp, he deserved to be honored on the State jubilee celebration. If Jim Ovia and Tony Elumelu, both of Delta North extraction can be so honored, then it is sheer political mistake not to give an award to Emerhor.

The celebration of Delta at 25 can only be complete if all the money donated by the private sector is audited, accounted for and how it was spent announced to Deltans. The money was donated to Delta State and Deltans to mark its 25th anniversary and not government officials. It was only kept in trust by the government to spend and Deltans deserves to know how the money was utilized in celebrating the state.

The Chairman of the Committee, Ovie Festus Agas who is also the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) should render account publicly for every kobo spent. The news that a whooping sum of N600 million was spent to renovate just the Interbau roundabout which will not cost up to N20 million is enough reason to do so.

If the Okowa led government truly believes in transparency as it want us to believe, then this is one acid test for him.

Okowa had the chance to hold the country spell bound with this celebration. He had the moment to wow the Vice President and his entourage by allowing him to commission just any great project, such as the Okpanam road but when it mattered most, he blew the chance. All that we got was a beautiful logo as the climax of the occasion. But what is a logo without a supportive people who were disenchanted with the celebration? What is a logo that has agriculture in it when the people are hungry? And like they say in Warri; who logo epp?

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver, an Investigative Journalist is the Editor in Chief of Secret Reporters News. He tweets on @fejirooliver86 and can be reached on 08022050733 (SMS Only)



  1. Tega Oghenedoro a.k.a Fejiro Oliver is a confused analyst and deceptive journalist. Greed is what fuels his use of falsehoods to damage the integrity of people.

    • Each time, I see the name Fejiro Oliver behind an article or story, I feel torn by his nature of analysis and I ask, so journalists still make up stories to fit their agenda? His story on Delta state is baseless; it is just his usual con approach to extort money.

  2. After praising Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, this same Fejiro has made a somersault by now discrediting the Delta State Governor with fake and bogus accusations. This is unhealthy journalism. The Nigerian guild of Editors must caution such a man before he damages their reputation.

    • The truth is that Fejiro’s comments and articles usually reflect his prejudices and personal biases. Unfortunately for him, Nigerian readers have moved beyond the level of believing such weak writers except those with limited mental facilities.

  3. Any person with an objective mind would not find it difficult to decide on why Fejiro did such dirty works against the Delta State Government for his sponsors. It is just about overt greed and gross lack of uprightness in the practice of journalism.

    • For Fejiro, white is black and black is white. I guess he is one of those that believe that if lies are said loud enough, people will believe it. His recent publication of half-truths, fiction and exaggeration against Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is highly regrettable. Simply put, what it shows is that Fejiro’s chameleonic romance with Delta Government has expired.

  4. Sometimes when I read comments on stories on this site, I ask myself if these are hired commentators or Okowa’s aides who are just bent on discrediting reports on this site for the interest of their pockets.

    • Joe, you may be right or wrong but the major essence about a sound article is the logic advanced to back up or diminish it. Even if these were ‘hired commentators’, in truth I think the remarks make good and balanced arguments that will help readers reach credible decisions. In any way, we may wish to regard these comments, the clear fact is that the ‘247ureporters’ is an important and unbiased online media that cannot be ignored given that it seems very tolerant in publishing counter views of its articles which even the author can also react to such comments in a similar manner which you have just done. Either way, I think reactions to this particular article have broadened the discussion in a very balanced and civilized manner which is really what credible journalism should rest on. Indeed, what is the point publishing an article without reactions? Such may even suggest we do not have an active reading public in Nigeria because when you read articles in BBC, New York times, Washington post etc, at times you may even witness over 100 reactions. As such, I think having people react to this writer’s views is very good for the Nigerian vibrant media as people ought not just write and expect that readers should swallow their thoughts hook, line and sinker. If really Governor Okowa’s media aides can put up such high level defense, then it surely means that they have respect for what the media reports and are justifying tax payers’ investment through enlightening the public on what they consider right. For me. nothing spoil, those that can write should keep doing so and those that can defend should invest their energy too. It is really add value and enlarges the scope of readers of ‘247ureporters’.
      Hon Benjamin Ikechukwu Okonkwo, Oshimili south, Delta State

  5. This guy that portrays himself as Fejiro Oliver is certainly a double edge sword with no quality journalistic principle. I have read all his past negative remarks against Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and I am not shocked he has suddenly made a reversal because for him, money rules not conscience. The Delta State Governor should be careful in associating with such a self anointed journalist that has scandalous background and controversial past that is embedded in criminality as exposed by the DSS whilst trying to defraud the immediate past Niger state Governor, Dr Aliyu Muazu. Tega Oghenedoro a.k.a Fejiro Oliver has a dark past that should be properly examined by the Delta State Government before any credible association is established. What Delta State is doing with Tega Oghenedoro is akin to a man putting a rat in his pocket, yet believe that one day, the same rat it considers a friendly pet will not start its destructive adventures by biting the man. I dey laugh.

  6. Fejiro has gone over the edge many times by doing unconvincing stories especially when his clients or victims refuse to pay or stop paying him.

  7. For now, ignorance seems to be strength for Fejiro Oliver but I believe that he will do well when he becomes better educated than his readers.


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