The Audio Balderdash In The Social Media: The Wrong Way Of Nursing The Wounds Of Defeat By The PDP Elements In Imo


Government Of Imo State

Press Release


It is interesting to note and indeed to inform Nigerians of goodwill that twenty four hours (24 hrs) after the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Imo had not only defeated but had glaringly humbled the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state in the INEC conducted re-run poll for Okigwe senatorial zone and the two state constituencies of Oru-East and Owerri West, an Audio castigating the State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and raising some fundamental security issues was authored and circulated in the social media.


And we make hay to contend that the PDP elements in the state having lost their deposits in the re-run election in the state, were the brains behind what we have already described as balderdash. We know their antecedents and equally know their antics. We know their language. And most of their claims in the audio were also the subject-matter of their campaign of calumny during the 2015 election.


For instance, they talked about Alhaji or “Okoro Hausa” in Government House running “Amajiri” government. They talked about mosque in Government house loaded with ammunitions. They also talked about plans to bomb Relief Market, Douglas road and World Bank road. Indeed, they could not have ended that gossip without mentioning Ama-Hausa in Owerri, where they said the imagined bombers have been kept.


They also talked about the governor going to India to meet his native doctor. And concluded their prophesy of doom by stating that the imagined attacks would happen before the end of the month (July).


And the first question becomes; why these informants or the architects of this moonlight tale kept mute all these periods until twenty four hours after the PDP in the state had suffered terrible defeat in the hands of APC in the state in the re-run election? Unfortunately, those behind the gimmicks didn’t give their audience an iota of reason to believe them at least by giving their names and address. It was a void package.


The problem with these PDP folks is that they do not tell intelligent lies. If Douglas Road, World Bank road and Relief Market are bombed like they claimed who knows who would be the victims? These mentioned areas, are they accommodated by people from a particular party or particular home or area?


They just decided to create undue tension as a way of nursing the wounds of their defeat in the re-run election. Governor Okorocha building Mosque in the Government House is a belated blackmail. What is in the government house is a gigantic chapel. And if the need arises tomorrow to warrant the governor building a mosque he will do it. We just want to let this little minds know that they should do their home work well before putting anything forward against Governor Okorocha.


Of course, only fetish or ungodly ones should know who goes to India to meet a native Doctor or who does not. We know these people and what they do.


The PDP was in power in the state for twelve (12) years and achieved nothing. And in five years, Rochas Okorocha has taken the state to another level in terms of development and growth. Then, why won’t Imo people believe in him and in the party he belongs.


The truth of the matter is that by 2019, the PDP tickets in Imo will become “Liberian Dollar”. People will be begged to take the tickets, they will say no. It is as simple as that.


Imo people should continue to go about their normal businesses and should not listen to the cry of wolf by the PDP guys in the state meant to create panic or tension among the citizenry. There is no cause for alarm.


Again, Nigerians of good tidings should also disregard that cock and bull story. Governor Okorocha has put Imo on the fast lane of progress, development, prosperity and growth and there is nothing enemies of these good things would do about that. May God bless Imo people and also bless all Nigerians.


Sam Onwuemeodo

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor



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