Press Statement
June 30, 2016
The report that INEC headquaters in Abuja has given a certificate of return to Mr. Uche Ogah and purporting to swear him in as the executive governor is a serious violation of legal procedures and invitation of anarchy to Abia.
This is unimaginable given that my Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, has formally filed a notice of appeal and a stay of execution.
Nigeria is not a jungle. We are not in an animal kingdom. Let all the extraneous forces bent on causing mayhem and turning Abia into another Syria think twice.
Governor Okezie is a peace-loving man and an ardent believer and respecter of the rule of law.
We ask for nothing less and nothing more but that the rule of law must prevail.
Or else, all parties involved in this grant conspiracy and sabotage against the will of the people of Abia  and against the law and the cobstitution of Nigeria should wait for us. We shall meet at Philipi.
Godwin Adindu
President, Abia Renaissance Movement.

One Comment to: INEC Wants Anarchy In Abia

  1. Solomon

    July 1st, 2016


    An intrinsic component of Democracy is the
    ‘freedom of expression’ . It is , to be sure, the inalienable right of the constituents of every healthy society. And Societies stay ventilated by expelled verbal cross airs where such exchanges are driven by sound reasoning. Note, sound reasoning must be dictated equally by objective principles, unscathed or tainted by questionable subjectivity.

    Nigeria returned to democracy some seventeen odd years ago. The inevitable, but undying EUPHORIA of the return to civil rule – which for the most part has remained excessive – was reasonably permissible because of the terrifying deprivation that marked haitus of our democracy.

    If we must make the most of the limited period of light that providence has offered us, we must kill this nonsensical, and euphoric concept of democracy. We must have be honest with ourselves and then to those who hear or follow us. We must all be ready to accept responsibility for the kind quantities, quality and energy we bring into our political space. A people that chose to sow to flesh will without more reap a whirlwind.

    Thus when the likes of Godwin Adindu who issued a press statement under aegis of a certain Abia Renaissance Movement : Hear him, “Nigeria is not a jungle. We are not in an animal kingdom” ,We ask for nothing less and nothing more but that the rule of law must prevail”. His allusion to democratic tenets of a civility and the rule of law especially from the PDP perspective to be sure sounds subjective. It does not add mileage to pure content of constitutionally guaranteed democratic principles of freedom of expression vis-a-vis the rule of law. Adindu’s lack of historical perspective or deliberate ignorance of it while advancing the innuendo of a ‘ lawless APC or Buhari led government is a timid insincerity. And of such class that makes the mere verbal clamour and recitation of democratic appurtenances little other than convenient past time.
    How else can a PDP apologist, if not for the proliferation of mass media platforms, feel able to warn us of anarchy just because an INEC which had not been used to complying with court orders just woke to that constitutional demand upon them. This is what CHANGE should be. And Nigerians are embracing the CHANGE regardless of the personal cost.

    Iti is preposterous to shout democracy / rule of law simply because the tide for the being is contrary to you whereas, it’s the hallmark of the main opposition party to impugn the rule of law. Some example here :
    In Jos, under PDP a four man squad out the majority of the then legislature impeached Joshua Dariye, heaven did not fall. Recently, in Ekiti under Fayose, a 7 man gang not only impeached the House leadership but went on to sack 19 members. That was vintage rule of law. Sure not animal kingdom. The Justice Salami case was a case manifestly jaundiced interference by the PDP led Executive at the centre with an internal matter of the Judiciary. Was there anarchy or…

    Dr. Chris Ngige, a sitting Governor as he then was, was abducted and portion Awka Government house and the state broadcasting service building in Awka was subsequently crated. In 2014 the PDP led Presidency went shopping for $1b as it were, the opposition kicked but were stiffly accused with being the sponsors of Boko ‘Haram, where upon I can still recall Fani Kayode boasting in support of the allegation that if mentioned the ‘ Demons in APC’ that Nigeria wiould burn. I think I had a good mind for begging the garrulous not to, The next thing we know is that $2,1b and not $1b was approved and hurriedly disbursed on every other fancy stuff without so much as broken penny of expended on sort of tactical asset, yet no anarchy, is n