Of “Dogon Turenci” And Engagement – By John Danfulani, Ph.D

Danfulani Vs. KDSG: Another Defence Lawyer Quits In Protest
Dr. John Danfulani
Dr. John Danfulani
Some aspiring pacifists advanced that dongon turenci can’t solve our quandaries. And ungraciously sermoned that engaging Mr. Nasir Ahmed El-rufa’i is better strategy than our persistent shelling and pounding of most of his inhuman and inconsistent policies. These pacifists believes very long grammar- full of “ism” and “listics”- superlatives invented by strugglers against exploitative and repressive politico-economic inequalities never broke bottlenecks or  charted ways to victories. Anything short of appealing to the dead and corrosive conscience of the absolutists and totalitarianists is doomed and illientensioned!
History is never their best allies on this and similar issues. Very serious political sums were efficiently and continently sorted out by speeches( dongon turenci).Racism and segregationist policies in the U.S.were strangulated by DOGON TURENCI of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.in the 60s.Hope these pacifists heard “I HAVE A DREAM” speech.History was made by “the Skinny Boy with a funny name” in 2008 through his “YES WE CAN” DOGON TURENCI .When Julius Ceasar was assassinated , Mark Anthony gave the famous DOGON TURENCI speech that “we came to bury Ceasar not to praise him but the evil that men do lives after them”. Otto Von Bismarck solved serious political and diplomatic equations in Prussia( Bismarckian Diplomacy)through DOGON TURENCI in the parliament.
Let’s go deeper the ocean of DOGON TURENCI.When Ethiopia(Abbisiniya) was attacked by Italy under the fascists regime of Benito Mussolini,His Majesty  Ras Tafari spoke DORON TURENCI to the League of Nations. It challenged the “siddon look” principle of major powers who refused to live by the spirit of League Of Nations supremest principle of ” one against all and all against one” aptly coined by security and international affairs experts “PRINCIPLE OF COLLECTIVE SECURITY”.This cream better read Robert Nester Marley’s lyrics of the track “WAR” to appreciates the Emperor Tafari’s strong and appealing DOGON TURENCI that inflicted moral injuries to the conscience of the world.
During the anti colonial struggle in the 70s General Murtala Ramat Mohammed(Head of Nigeria Military Junta 1975/1976) spoke DOGON TURENCI to his fellow African leaders in an extraordinary session of Organization of Africa Unity (OAU)now African Union (AU) on the need to stand by a liberation organization that truly represents African interest. The speech was tagged “AFRICA HAS COME OF AGE”. General Ramat’s strong worded speech swayed support to MPLM of Dr. Augustino Neto against CIA backed UNITA of Dr. Jonas Sawinbi in the 70s in Angola.
DORON TURENCI helped the gospel of Christ and his apostles, severally. When there was a big brouhaha  in the early years of Christianity on the position of gentile vis a vis some long standing Jewish traditions, Gamaliel gave a wise counsel through DOGON TURENCI  that laid the matters to rest. The many Epistles of Saint Paul of Tarsus to Christians of other lands are DOGON TURENCI. And today, those epistles have answered many questions in Christianity. Hope people remember his: “faith without work theory; Staying without marriage; and a little wine for your stomach counsel.
On their unrealistic postulation of peaceful and constructive engagement with  Mr. El-rufa’i. How can you engage a solipsist, narcissist, and a best paragon of character disorder? How can you talk to a man who said if you don’t agree with intuitism and ideocyncratism you should go climb Mountain Kufena and fall. How can you talk to a man that branded all members of an opposition party(No exception) in his state virus? How can you engage a man that sent dissidents to jail and “influenced”very harsh bail conditions as if they are coup plotters or felons? How can you talk to a character who insists that primary school feeding that is wasting millions a day must continue despite problems associated with it?
How can you engage a man that lied that president Goodluck Jonathan spent billions on Independence Day celebrations? How can you engage a man who “decreed” that people must vamoose their habitats in three weeks in the name of schools land reclaiming scheme? How can you engage a man who said near genocide that took place in Southern Kaduna was a reprisal by transnational  Fulani terrorists?  How can you engage a man that sponsored a bill aiming to disrupt freedom of worship through ending all prayers by 8pm and revoking licenses given by Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago? How can you talk to somebody that will surreptitiously state ratio of Christians and Muslims in his state without statistic backing his claims? How can one talk  to somebody whose bumbaclot aides thinks is modern Cicero and Alexander The Great.
Nobody is barring pacifists from carrying out the struggle in their own way(s). Least they forget, we met along the way, so parting along the way is natural and logical. We all have different missions in life,and there are options before all of us. If strategic and tactical differences will make us your enemy- too bad.  History is full strugglers parting ways because of disagreements. Bolshevik and Mensheviks, ANC and Inkahta, ZANU and PF, and Nkruamah and Ado sagas are there. One is occupied with his ideological believes and spiritual guidance not common friendship we forged, just a few years back. If fighting El-rufa’i Panjandrumic and elitist policies is akin to fighting you, once more; too bad. However,we are dead set to pick a duel invitation from anybody, anytime.


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