RE: How Peter Obi Hid 2.3 billion in Government House Toilet, Used Auxiliary Bishop of Awka Diocese, ASA-USA to Launder N16.5 billion




The above titled publication by caught my attention especially this time in our political life that we do not need any distraction of the working Governor of our State.

It is my careful and critical observation that this may as well be a ploy to set Akpokuo on the war path with the Bishops knowing how important it is that there is a cordial synergy between the Churches and the Government in recognition of the fact that the two share the same audience.

As a spokes person for our party in the State, it is imperative that I write as to protect the integrity of our BoT Chairman and Leader, His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano. It is obvious that any attack on our Governor is a direct attack on APGA, it is my duty to explain to the people the true position of things unambiguously.

Governor Willie Obiano does not have any hand directly or indirectly with the above named publication.

It is definitely not the wish of Governor Willie Obiano, his Government or our Party, APGA to be dragged into such mudsling especially the mention of the name of respected Bishop of our Church, Bishop Jonas Benson.

It is not the wish of the Governor, Government or our Party to be dragged into the authenticity of the content of the write-up, our focus at all times remain the best possible ways to keep delivering democracy dividends to Ndi Anambra, the purpose of which they elected us.

It is very important that I assure Ndi Anambra that Akpokuodike Anambra shall keep working for us with our commonwealth at his disposal, a responsibility that Ndi Anambra elected him on trust.

Under no circumstance shall Ndi Anambra have any reason to doubt or question the actions of our Governor and APGA, we are built for service and be rest assured that we shall keep serving Ndi Anambra to the best of our abilities.

The Churches must be reassured especially the Bishops and indeed all leaders of some sorts that are our partners in this reengineering project of taking Anambra to the better level that we are all safe with Akpokuo and we are safe with APGA.

Please do not be deceived, we have the commitment and the passion to move the State forward, with the support of all of you and the grace of God.

Please remain focussed and keep supporting Governor Willie Obiano and APGA, what a wonderful combination for Ndi Anambra.

I salute you all.


Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

State Publicity Secretary, APGA

0909 77 00000



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