President Buhari: Honestly, It Is Very Unfair – By Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Buhari in Aba



I am writing this article not because I am an Igbo Man of South East

extraction, but because I believe in equity, fairness, equal

opportunities and believer of one Nigeria.

I love President Muhammadu Buhari. His war against corruption and

corrupt leaders drew me closer to him. I love him more now that he has

an adopted Igbo name “Okechukwu”. This naturally makes him an “Igbo



In his inaugural speech on the 29th of May 2015, General Buhari

promised to be the president of all Nigerians. He pledged he would be

for everybody and he would be for nobody. He promised to be a father

to all Nigerians. Above all, he promised to fight corruption.

As an anti-corruption crusader, I quickly jumped into the boxing ring

to assist my President to fight corruption. The result is

overwhelming, as I and my colleagues have practically given corruption

fatal and ruthless blows in my state (Imo). We have stripped

corruption stark naked in Imo State, for the whole world to see.

Buhari cannot be in Aso-Rick (Abuja) to fight corruption in the 36

states of the federation without collaborative information from those

states. However, his most recent federal political appointments have

pinched me on my scrotal sack. What do I mean? When state Governors

made moves to have input in Buhari’s proposed ministerial list, the

President rebuffed it and many Nigerians supported him including this

writer (see attached). Let me put it to whosoever cares to listen,

that President Buhari has the right to appoint anybody into whichever

position he deems fit. If he wants, he can appoint all his aides and

ministers from one political ward in a local government area, so long

as they are credible people with integrity and dignity.


The ruling APC government has made several appointments, both at the

executive arm, legislative arm, service chiefs have been changed, and

heads of parastatals have been changed or named: yet not a single

person from the South-East geopolitical zone has been deemed fit to be

named. The remaining five geo-political zones of North-East,

North-West, North-Central, South-West and South-South have their sons

and daughters named into various positions of influence and authority.

Even the Presidential Advisory committee against corruption with

Professor Itse Sagay as Chairman, has no South Easterner as member. My

very good “Friend”, Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha of Imo State is the

Chairman of APC Governors Forum in Nigeria. He is the Sign board of

APC’s presence in the South-East; being the only APC governor in the

South East. He led other APC bigwigs in the zone to campaign

vigorously for the party and this yielded results, in that the PDP

that used to post over  one million votes in each of the states in the

South-East could not muster more than 700,000 votes in the 2015

election. This actually accounted to President Buhari’s victory. The

truth is that with the political appointments so far made at the

federal level, with nobody from the South-East being named, Okorocha

has been stripped stark naked and completely humiliated. Please, do

not get me wrong. I am not sympathizing with Okorocha. No. I am rather

laughing at him. He has been stripped naked, both at home (due to

corruption) and at the federal level (because it has been proved that

he is a nobody). CHAI President Buhari, it is very unfair.


Before now, Okorocha was boasting all over the place that “he has

Buhari’s ears”, “he has Buhari’s eyes”, “he has Buhari’s nose”, and

“he has Buhari’s mouth”. Perhaps, he forgot to add “I have Buhari’s

genitals”. This is not a laughing matter. I think Okorocha did not see

this insult and humiliation coming. Two weeks ago, the President’s

wife refused to visit Imo State despite being officially invited.


Nevertheless, I am calling on Nigerians, especially the people of

South-East geo-political zone to continue to support President Buhari,

despite the fact that they are no longer part of Nigeria, judging from

appointments so far made. Yes, the Igbos are no longer part of

Nigeria. The Managing Director of NNPC is not even from South-East, so

I know what I am talking about. Otherwise why single out one section

of the country for non-recognition. The only political position of

Deputy Senate Presidency did not come from the APC. Even at that, the

ruling party and government are busy plotting on how to take away that

position from the South-East. The position of Deputy Chief Whip at the

Federal House of Representative that was to come (zoned) to South-east

was halted by President Buhari, who reportedly told Speaker Yakubu

Dogara to observe party’s directive. Yet the same party (APC)

reportedly zoned the post of Secretary to the Government of Federation

to the South East, and President Buhari disobeyed the party by giving

out the position to somebody from the North. Federal character indeed.

The Second Niger bridge project has been halted. Alvan Ikoku

University of Education has been reverted to a College of Education.

Boko Haram suspects have been moved from the North to the South East.

President Buhari, this is very unfair.

The actions of President Buhari have given the people of South East

new ideas. I am therefore calling on the people of South East to stand

up now and be counted. The five South East Governors should come

together irrespective of party platforms and issue a statement

condemning this obvious threat to national unity. Our state Houses of

Assembly should pass a motion of National importance, condemning the

actions of Mr. President. The South-East caucus of the National

Assembly should condemn the undemocratic actions of Mr. President.

Other South-east leaders should follow this module.


Finally, the Igbos should go back to the drawing board. It is very

obvious that the civil war is not yet over. President Buhari, your

actions are indeed very unfair to the South-East.

I rest my pen.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Former Senior Special Assistant on Media



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