Sahara Reporters in Trouble over Senator Saraki



Sahara Reporters an online political tabloid that has been trending due to its sensational and overtly dramatic news reporting attempt seems to have got it all wrong in recent times. The tabloid platform is currently immersed in local politics in Nigeria especially considering its position on the current power tussle going on in the Nigeria National Assembly.

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The recent well orchestrated and malicious attacks on the character of the Senate President has convinced the Senators of Like Minds that is on a payroll of a certain politician  from southwest Nigeria. They claim they are not surprised that Sahara Reporters is being partisan since the operators are now physically in Nigeria fraternizing with the political class instead of engaging in investigative journalism that it use to be known for while operating from New York.
The Senators expatiated further that the online media outlet published a fake document maligning the character of the number 3 man in Nigeria and even went as far as publishing an unverified bio data page of an international passport allegedly belonging to the Senate President on facebook. Facebook has since removed the bio data page and threatened to close down the fan page of Sahara reporters due to contravention. One of the Senators of Like Minds vowed that there was no way the Sahara Reporters will be allowed to get away with such recklessness.
We contacted Bamikole Omishore, The Special Assistant on New Media to the Senate President who confirmed that they were aware of all the character assassination geared towards their principal from this source and They maintain that it is dirty politics being played by detractors and vowed to stay focused on delivering dividends of democracy. They concluded that appropriate action is currently being taken on the matter and all legal avenues will be considered.



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