Muazu: Spin Doctors threaten to sue ex -PDP Chair over fee


The crisis rocking the erstwhile National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Alhaji Adamu Muazu might be far from being over as Two frontline activists and Public Affairs Commentators have threaten to sue the immediate past Chairman if there are not paid for their recent engagements with Muazu.
The duo of Comrades Philip Agbese and Okpokwu Shagari have threatened that if their fees and other expended funds into the matter are not settled they would drag Muazu to the Inspector General of Police and a court of competent jurisdiction for his trial over criminal breach of trust.
According to them, Muazu who was in Singapore had briefed them through one of his aides–Akin Oyegoke and a friend(names withheld) to carry out image laundering, legal services and proper investigation of the crisis rocking the party with a view to saving him from embarrassment from members of the NWC of the party.
To them, Muazu’s resignation came at the right time to save his health as a fragile person with many cockroaches in the cupboard and any attempt to stay further would reveal his dirty past in the office but insisted that their services to Muazu have nothing to do with his last minute resolution and their fees must be settled within the next 72hours.
They therefore call on Muazu to do the right thinking good conscience before they start their legal fireworks which will definitely demand some extra charges as to them the recent posture of Mr. Akin is not less than a criminal mindset to cheat them.
“We salute the courage of Alhaji Adamu Muazu to throw in the towel when it matters most as a good leader cannot enforce himself on the people rather govern on people’s mandate and this to a large extent has been invalidated by powerful men who are stronger than the law in his party.”
“He is aware that we have a pact with him based on our last discussion with him through Mr. Akin and it is only wise for him to be a gentleman and pay us our fees, failure to do this within the next 72hours will definitely force us to report him to the Inspector General of Police and even a court of law for criminal breach of .”
“We hereby call on the game changer to do the right now or force us to change this game immediately if our services to him are waved aside on the grounds of nepotism and tribalism which we sensed long time ago.,” they added.



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