Election 2015: Love Of The People Or Lust For Power – By Kevin Chukwuka



I had wanted to tag the caption of this dear write up Re: Buhari vs Jonathan: beyond the election,after considering the controversy and bad blood temper that has marred the beautiful debate ignited by one of Nigerian finest brain on Economic Prof.Charles Soludo. I decided to save myself the stress of  attracting uninvited critics ,who would view this my good intention for motherland with coloured lenses. Equally,  I wanted to save myself from venturing into the domain of highly celebral economists. Since this is not my area of competence, I decided to let the sleeping dog lie.

Be that as it may, I feel worried and disturbed. I am alarmed in what I usually perceive in Nigeria politics. I am sure that am not alone in this hurting perception. I believed that very many good and decent Nigerians are in my shoe.These feelings hurt me every moment and most especially during elections.

Now that the race for the various seats of government is up for grab.  Our politicians are at it again. They transverse the cities and streets of our country, they tell us all sorts of stories,promising heaven and earth at the same time.they are at again with their usual tricks and beautiful flowery speeches. They usually parade different campaign slogans viz, Divine mandate, Tested and Trusted, Wind of Change, The vision of change, change, Transformation, Continuity and so many  other impersonal catchy slogans. Whether they are baptised from transformation agenda to change, the common experience is that they are also two sides of the same coin. And this is my grouse with Nigerian politics.

With my little knowledge, I was taught in the school. I know that state( countries) exist for an end. And the end of the state is the highest good of her citizens. Then because of our limited nature, we come together to achieve this common good. The state simply exist to carter for the some basic amenities of man.the state helps in the full growth and development of man. It does not stand in opposition to ideals that constitute the foundation of itself. This is to say that the state is made for man and not man for the state. It is this coming together to forge a common front gave rise to politics and government. Like every other human contract, it is not build on arbitrary whims and caprices of any strongest individual. The terms of the contract is well spelt out. There are checks and balances to forestall natural inclination of selfishness and greed setting in.These inclinations are the tap roots of corruption in the state. However, the utmost priority of any state is its common good; the wellbeing and welfare of its citizens. It is this idea that should propel any initiatives or policies of those who have the sacred duty of looking over the state. They are not in such positions as owners or feudal Lords. They are simply there based on the trust reposed on them by the majority of the citizens.

Nigerian government and politics is almost an opposite of the descriptions above. This is because of the way of political class go about the business of governance. None of our government institutions are trusted. Corruption have infested all, from security,education,finance and even health. How many of those who trumpet that they have brought change or transformation in health sector can boost of going into any of those health institution for healthcare services. They fly outside the country at the slightest headache. How many of their children study in our schools here.

Now the election is almost coming. It is another season of harvest of lies and deceit. They tell us how much they have beloved this country and would even give their life for it. How they intend going to Abuja to get our share of the resources. And I will always ask at the benefit of whose pocket? We have heard of enough of those fairly tales. As we prepare to vote again, we must ask ourselves these all important questions. What is the driving force behind all these political ambitions? Are they after our common good? Do they love us? Do they love Nigeria as whole. Which of this passion is propelling them love for the people or lust for power?

Kevin Chukwuka



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