Election 2015: Please Bring Back Our First Eleven – By Kevin Chukwuka


Some political pundits have been pestering me. Asking me where i will place my thumb print on the fast approaching presidential election. I have not been keen in replying this question. This is a great civic duty which i own to this country and the coming generation. Perhaps, i have not been much excited about this coming election because of some observations i have seen. But again and again this civic question “who will you vote” keeps coming. Whenever i turn on any of my social media handle, behold torrent of issues on the election. But one thing i am not most happy with is that the campaign is not issue based. Parties have kept to the old tactics of naming calling and discussing irrelevant issues.

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But who actually will I vote? What is my view about the election? This is my personal view. GEJ have not properly delivered as he should. Reasons for this I don’t know and i cannot promise to have an accurate answer to it. It does appears he don’t seem to have great passion for the development of this country. Though, repeatedly GEJITES acolytes have told us he has good intention and packages for this country. We need to see that fire ignite in his words and actions. But we don’t see it. The country may have improved in some aspects .but is that the change that we need when we voted for a younger President? We don’t need to see progress only on papers but concretely manifested and institutionalized. But at the moment who among the top candidate is qualified in my calculations to lead the country? Insecurity, unabated corruption, epileptic power, bad roads and declining economy have not be chased away rather they are almost taking over. This is why old fox like IBB and Obasanjo still have relevance in Nigeria politics. If not they would have been eased off through one of those problems perhaps cooling off in prison for corruption charges. But you see where we are. Each of the Presidential candidates goes to them for endorsement. Chai! What a shame! Who should we then vote? I can only say that we are like a football team that went for a competition with its second eleven perhaps because of injury. So we shall do with those we have. Our first eleven is not available at the moment. Do we vote Buhari   then?
Frankly speaking @73 GMB should face his family, take care of his grand children and leave this rigorous business of governing the country to the hands of the youths he had earlier promised during his tenure that they would be leaders of tomorrow. Let his counsel as an elder statesman be the debt he owe to this country at the moment.
As for GEJ, let him know that we have not seem much of the Goodluck we had hoped for in his first four outing. Let him know that he is not among our first Eleven. But we have no alternative. But we shall vote him to prepare the way for our first eleven

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