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Anambra: Who Said That Obiano Is Ill-Prepared To Be Governor?



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For some time now there have been sustained orchestrations of syndicated propaganda against the barely seven month-old administration of Chief Willie Obiano in Anambra State. The monotonous choruses on what the Governor has done and what he has failed to do fail to impress Ndi-Anambra for the simple reason that the people are proud witnesses of their Governor’s great achievements within the few months of his headship of the state. They are at peace with Governor Obiano’s drive to make huge success of his four pillar cardinal agenda in growing the state economy. They celebrate his propagation of mechanized agriculture with its spiral effects in job and wealth creation. Even the local farmers, in cooperative clusters, effectively access organized assistance from the State Government in the forms of improved seedlings, farm machines and updates in modern trends for better yields. Ndi-Anambra are jubilant over the increasing volume of investments in industries; they rejoice at the growth of the Oil and Gas sector of the state economy, and they are delighted with the tremendous improvement in trade and commerce. More importantly, the people proclaim ‘Eureka!’ in unison over the immediate effects of Chief Obiano’s war against criminality. Never before have Anambra citizens felt as free and safe as they do today. Indeed, Governor Obiano’s absolute commitment to developmental governance, evident in his 4Cs policy of continue, complete, commission and commence projects (inherited and new ones) lends him commendations not only from Ndi-Anambra but also from other people who have interest in the economy and politics of the state.


But in their obduracy, those who have sworn never to observe the numerous marks of good governance in Anambra State, and whose preference for the state would have been a chaotic setting where life means less than it obtains today, are almost choking under the weighty lies they have continued to churn out in trying to disparage the Governor. One begins to wonder what preparation detractors seek for Chief Obiano when bountiful proofs of preparedness abound in his developmental strides across the state. In any case, what school of preparation counts beyond the high profile corporate politics which Chief Obiano perfected as a top flight banker before he successfully embraced the politics of the state? Did he not critically study the needs of our people before presenting his plans for a better state? Did the electorate not believe the depth of his conviction when they freely gave him the mandate to administer the state? Why have Ndi-Anambra remained upbeat in their support for the government of the day? Governor Obiano’s only sin is daring to forge an own identity in his determination to expand the frontiers of good governance?

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And the sponsors of this invidious campaign enlist the services of various forms and sizes of hatchet men who are bluntly indifferent to the import of vending falsities to a people. These fellows collaborate in stretching the callous components of man to the limits by concocting and imputing slanderous plots not only to impugn the person of the Governor of Anambra State but also to scandalize the institution of the State Government. This passion for mischief habours such ambivalent properties that the bearers of it would rather suffer self-inflicted bruises than spare their victims any pains; irrespective of how much society hurts thereof. We are unceasingly reminded of Chief Peter Obi’s ingenuity in governance which dovetailed into his choice of an ingenious financial expert, Chief Willie Obiano, as his successor; and shortly after, we are fed with tales of the gross unworthiness of this master’s ingenious choice. Unfortunately for these traducers of Governor Obiano, the inherent incongruity surrounding the ingenious choice and the sudden unworthiness of the calumniated victim ridicules Obi’s essence more than it queries Obiano’s performance. This logic is lost to those who think that by pulling Obiano down Obi’s political cause will be better served.

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With the liberties and the near facelessness that the social media permit, it is ‘Mischief, thou art afoot; take thou what course thou wilt.’ Unscrupulous bloggers relish the publication of noxious posts in their channels by publishing falsehoods and defamatory writings about persons and organizations. The social media therefore provide good grounds for junk reportage. For those who would deliberately not appreciate the tremendous push Chief Willie Obiano has continued to make in growing the economy of Anambra State, no amount of explanation will liberate them from the cocoons of cynicism; while for objective minds, Chief Obiano’s administration so far announces the dawn of ‘uhuru’. If superior counsel might prevail, that Anambra be spared further unearned embarrassment, all who contribute to simulating inane hate in Anambra State (and these are substantially Ndi-Anambra), should consider societal good above the gratification of their dysfunctional appetites.


Okechukwu Anarado writes from Adazi-Nnukwu

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