APC warns Umeh to lay off Ngige scholarship,salvage crisis –ridden APGA



Our great party All Progressives Congress (APC) warns Victor Umeh, the one-man executive of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) who operates only in Anambra State to lay off the credible Ngige Foundation Scholarship programme and start sleeping,as there is enough time in the months ahead for his sleepless nights ,in his tall order of an ambition, being forced down the throat of helpless APGA membership.

 This is our reluctant response, to the thoughtless and unguarded statement made by the factional Chairman of APGA.

 Gladly Umeh could not point out any   fault in the conception, mode and implementation of Ngige Foundation Scholarship, even as he tried to promote a wicked speculation that a lofty programme which has alleviated the suffering of a large segment in Anambra  Central Senatorial District it is for political gains.

The only thing that is political oriented is the dishonest promise of  money Umeh is  making to a segment of high political stakeholders that President Jonathan will pay them on his (Umeh’s)behalf.

We seize this moment to  educate Umeh that Ngige Foundation is an independent, two-year-old trust  two year old trust , with a separate management  from Ngige Political structures, and a credible board whose policies have stood the test of time,attracting commendations, the low,high and the mighty..

Structure, the scholarships offered are career-long options with adequate renewal  time bands and there is a calibration of  benefits, some of which have been extended to the most indigent students of compassionate grounds. In otherwords, they remain active till the beneficiary student gets to the highest point he can attain academically.

Ngige Foundation is permanent and represents a private window to the well conceptualized free education programme which has by Umeh’s nefarious activities in the Anambra State gubernatorial elections eluded  Anambra State.

Such a lofty, understandably expensive programme which, well piloted to get to beneficiaries, without perforation by third parties, which will follow the student for years,until the end of schooling, yet with direct management input from United Bank for Africa (UBA),Diamond Bank,Umity Bank  and Enterprise Bank cannot be like out-of pocket knee-jerk responses we have seen from some politicians.

We urge Umeh to quietly lap up the N40 million paid to him every month from Anambra state coffers. Ngige could have been implementing on a larger scale, but for Umeh’s rigging, rewarded btate funds paid to him for the rigging efforts for  Willie Obiano until the  anti-corruption bodies in the federation catch up with him and his benefactor.

We had ignored Umeh’s earlier fraudulent statement that he had offered scholarships in Anambra, hoping that he would take the clue and control his baseless propaganda,but Umeh by thelatest statement in Vnaguard Neowspaers of October 27, 2014, has not hidden his bitterness  that Anambra Central students are being supported by  Ngige Foundation ,while Umeh is exploiting Anambra State monthly to the tune of N40 million as dividend of election rigging.

Which sensible patriot would try to verbally dissemble a well planned, finely executed program such as the first phase of the Ngige Foundation scholarship, Involving 3000 beneficiaries, 57 towns, 115 wards and five banks?  Which responsible Igbo son will demolish his father’s housie when he is not ready to erect a new one?

Whose interest is Umeh serving by opposing the positive support of education by the criticizing the humanitarian support extended to individuals and communities when his own children are enjoying the benefit of funds stolen from disqualified APGA aspirants in the failed Anambra Local Government Elections and exploitation from unfairly disqualified aspirants in APGA in Anambra State Gubernatorial election Anambra State governorship election last year.

We challenge Umeh and will pay for him to publish the names of the beneficiaries of his Scholarship programme in a national newspaper, rather than run down the successful Ngige –inspired programme.

We also advise the de facto National Chairman, Anambra State Chairman, Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Auditor, Organising Secretary and every office in the National and  state Executive Councils of a party where the National Executive Council does not meet.  to devote his time to the frightful thought of what his fragmented remnant of a party will become in the coming months, rather that work against the tide. As it stands today, APGA has a national chairman, but is not and does not claim to be a national.APGA claimed to be regional at some point but has lost the moral fibre as it has not presence in the region, except for splashes in Anambra State sustained by election rigging.



Arc. Okelo  Madukaife, BSc,MSc,MNIA
Anambra State Publicity Secretary
APC  State Secretariat-Glass House
338 Ziks Avenue,Awka
Anambra State.


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