The Tideless Tide: A Memo To Imo PDP – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu



That voice that cries in the night and the following morning; a death is recorded seems to have started crying again? This time around, it is crying more vigorously and ferocious too, at its barbarian’s best. Like uncontrollable collision with a definite purpose of cry; which is to destroy joys and maim happiness. This saddamic voice is fiercely heard circumambulating the Imo State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. This is an evil cry that does no one any good and the PDP that was heard boasting that they were going to do wonders in 2015 elections in Imo State; this cry may not be the best of cries and not that it is in the other times but at this time, definitely. The Imo PDP are sick and seriously in need of urgent medical attention to purge itself of the fatal disease/s.

The Imo State chapter of PDP can not say that they are in the best of conditions, if she should claim so, then, they must be living in denials and deceit. The only thing that can cure the imminent disease in their house is by telling their selves the bitter truths because according to George Orwell; “in a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and the Imo PDP must be coordinate in all their acts and be revolutionary with its self. 

A house that is divided against itself according to the general sayings must fall and Imo PDP can not be exempted in partaking on its fair share of being a house, thus, would fail and fall apart if nothing is done to the imminent uprising and upsurge that is gradually building up amongst themselves. Am not a prophet of doom but nevertheless, one does not need to be a soothsayer or a prophet to foresee an imminent danger that is building up somewhere. Only what is required to know is common sense and taking ones God’s given initiatives to articulate and corroborate what is happening around him to predict the incoming future. It does not require special skills, Rocket sciences or special trainings to know an imminent outbreak of fight when one has already been privy to an initial threatening quarrels. That is not to say that I have been an insider in the Imo PDP nor being a party to any of the waring factions but with what has been in the public domains that has emanated from the Imo PDP persuasion; one does not need any special skill to predict that: should that continue? It will definitely spell doom for Imo PDP and its outings in 2015 general elections in the state. 

After 2011, the year that history was made in Imo State when an incumbent PDP governor lost to an unpopular and totally obscured candidate in the political arena. Till today, when ever one asks any of the PDP stake holders then, he or she would tell you that it was due to internal wrangling in the Imo PDP fold when the powers that-be worked against the then incumbent governor and surely, it came to pass and the incumbent PDP governor was defeated. Since then, the Imo PDP seemed to have learnt some hard self-taught lessons and vowed to reclaim the state back to the PDP in the 2015 general elections.

The avowed decisions of the Imo PDP to reclaim back power come 2015 was more pronounced when they more or less, issued a strong statement to the current governor that it meant business this time, the Imo PDP spoke in unison and with a definite sense of purpose; during the recent Imo PDP unity rally that saw the president of Nigeria, president Goodluck Jonathan gracing the rally.

There is no gain saying that it was a daunting rally of a kind that when remembered by the current governor of the state, Gov. Rochas Okorocha, he would loss some night sleep. In the said rally, Imo PDP big wigs and the waring powers that-be came together, united and assured Mr. President that they would reclaim back the Imo State power for the PDP irrespective of their selfish individual ambitions; they promised to sheath it on the altar of collective purposes and ambitions, and then; there was paupers of joy and jubilation as Imo PDP was determined to give Ndi Imo the real rescue from the dictatorial-like government of the current state governor, but sadly, the Imo PDP is gradually becoming the unfortunate proverbial child who grows his first tooth and grows a damaged one. With the building up hatred driven by envy and jealousy amongst her caucus members, one doubts that she would come out of this current squabbles. 

Gov. Rochas Okorocha and his camps must be having some field times with the stead but gradual building ups of envy and hatred of the Imo PDP amongst them selves. In the past few weeks, local and international tabloids was awash with rare show of shame by those who claimed to be the most concerned members of Imo PDP. Their grievances?; There only sincere grievance was that a rising war-lord was seen accelerating with the highest velocity to give the party the needed victory come 2015, but like unconscientious hypocrites, a rising ark profile of his party man was envied with every sense of hatred and malice, hence, the malicious ranting of few disgruntled saboteurs: this is now a time the newly constituted Imo PDP exco as ably led by barr. Nnamdi Anyaihe to prove to the world that he’s equal to the daunting tasks of the Imo PDP entrusted to him; its certainly a time the moles in the Imo PDP be unravelled and seriously dealt with and sanctioned accordingly if the Imo PDP is ever serious with the business of 2015.

2011 general elections must have taught Imo PDP some hard lessons but it seems that they learnt nothing from history, According to my mentor, Prof. Chinua Achebe, he rightly posited that “what we learnt from history was nothing” and it seems like what the Imo PDP learnt in the 2011 general elections was absolutely nothing? If they had learned their hard lessons, “the ogba mgba ogburu” (wrestle him down syndrome) that is currently going on in their fold wouldn’t have been happening. This in-house rancour that is ought to be settled at the house levels is being showcased for the whole world to feast on, perhaps there are individuals in their fold that has sworn not to see the progress of the party come 2015. It is inexplicable, the fact that its very armoury that would assure her of 2015 victory are been ridiculed and publicly fought against by those who claimed to love the party that much with passion. But they should remember that A man who brings an ant-infested faggots into his hut should not grumble when lizards begin to pay him a visit. Unless the Imo PDP are out for jokes, they must prove to Imolites that they are out for the main business of re-capturing Imo State again from the hands of the opportunistic travellers.

Those individuals gambling with the fortunes of the party no matter how highly placed should be made to face the most disciplinary measures capable of eschewing the furtherance of such treasonable acts in the future and among many other things; serve as deterrents to any of such funny characters that might tow the ugly ways of felons again. The individuals must place party interests above personal’s, the party’s choice must come first before any of their respective individual choices and the party preserves the exclusive right to choose any of her flag bearer. And come to think of it, the Imo PDP has not endorsed anyone nor selected any individual to be her flag bearer come next year as at the last check: The few disgruntled persons masquerading as patriots were therefore acting the scripts of some party individuals who has perhaps seen the hand writing clearly written on the wall of how a certain people has gotten the unsolicited endorsement of the people and party men and women. For these party never-do-well men parading in pseudonyms to have found some certainly un-pronounced Imo PDP flag bearers as headaches speaks volume of their credibility and most importantly, their popularity. 

It will how ever be a greatest to disservice to her attempt to reclaim the state back to her fold if Imo PDP will deny the party’s ticket to contest to these individuals that seems to be the greatest worry of almost all the contenders and even the incumbent governor. The truths be told: Imo PDP will lose woefully if she should field in a less popular and non-credible candidates come 2015. election are not won with sympathy nor some phantom connections to above the shores of the state but election are won by men and women who are politically equal to the task. Fielding in errand boys as candidates who couldn’t present themselves with political sagacity assets and traceable records of service delivery will certainly help bid PDP in Imo state a farewell to an obscured political oblivion. To win election in a politically alive with high intellectual state like Imo, PDP must field in men and women with competence, capacity, traceable educational records,character and who can stand on their own and stands firm coupled with the attendant historical records of service delivery and if men as unadvertised as the ones giving the traducers of Imo PDP some ebullient knocks already be fielded in, then the party is most assuredly, sure of victory come next year. 

It is my considered honest and frank opinions that Imo PDP should field in their very best into the 2015 general elections because the whole of Imolites are looking up to them for the ultimate rescue out of the tormenting hands of the Emperor and to the warring and envious persons in your fold, they should remember that: “When brothers fights to death a stranger inherits their father’s estate.” Wishing you people the best in 2015 outing.



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