PDP Boko Haram: Before They Kill Buhari And Brew Another  Civil War – By Obinna Akukwe



Yesterday there was an attempt by suicide bombers to kill the main opposition
leader to President Goodluck Jonathan’s government in the person of Muhammadu
Buhari. The suicide bomber was trailing the convoy of Buhari for a while and
deliberately rammed into his convoy, spreading bloodshed at Kawo junction in Kaduna. By the grace of
God and the help of Isa Al-Masihu (Jesus the son of God), though the jeep he
was riding on was affected by the blast, he was not hurt. Some of his aides are
seriously wounded and in the hospital.

Buhari in a statement issued yesterday called it an assassination attempt.
According to him “I was personally involved in a clearly targeted bomb attack
today along Ali Akilu Road,
Kawo-Kaduna at about 2:30pm on my way to Daura,” Mr. Buhari said.
“The unfortunate event, clearly an assassination attempt, came from a fast
moving vehicle that made many attempts to overtake my security car but was
blocked by my escort vehicle.
“We reached the market area of Kawo where he took advantage of our slowing down
and attempted to ram my car and instantly detonated the bomb which destroyed
all the three cars in our convoy,” Mr. Buhari said.
The former leader said when he came down from his vehicle, he saw many dead
bodies littered around.
“They were innocent people going about their daily business who became victims
of mass murder,” he said.

PDP branch of Boko Haram simply wants to kill Buhari because his political
profile in the North has refused to diminish. All the attempts by the clueless
and corrupt PDP regime which budgeted and embezzled over four trillion
naira  ($25 billion dollars) in four years meant for security  while rescuing over 250 Chibok Christian girls
from the hands of Boko Haram is a mirage, to tarnish the image of Buhari had
failed woefully. This obfuscately corrupt PDP which turned Boko Haram into a
multi-billion dollar corrupt enrichment programme, instead of exposing the
sponsors of Boko Haram, tagged Buhari , Atiku and some northern governors
sponsors of Boko Haram in a political propaganda towards 2015 elections. They
have failed to prove that the opposition is behind Boko Haram and taken solace
in presidential mudslinging while they are the real sponsors of terrorism.

Most senior citizen interrogated on the behalf of Boko Haram all happen to be
of the ruling PDP. Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, founder of Boko Haram,  is now a member of PDP, the day he joined the
party, Maidugeri Airport, closed for over two years, was opened for his use,
and closed again after his ceremonial decamping into the party  Senator
Ali Ndume, another PDP member, was dragged to court by Nigeria’s secret police
because he was romancing with Boko Haram members. In his affidavit before a
Nigerian High Court the senator claimed that the Vice President of Nigeria
authorized him to be kissing Boko Haram members. In his 24 paragraph affidavit
Senator Ndume averred that  “The
Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Namadi Sambo,
is also aware that he was in contact with the Jammatul Sunnah Walid Jihad
(otherwise known as ‘Boko Haram’).”

Senator Sanni Yerimah, the man who introduced Sharia law into Nigeria as Governor of Zamfara
State, an activity that led to the formation of Boko Haram, is now a key
sponsor and financier of PDP and the list continues.

President Goodluck Jonathan had told Nigerians in January 2012 at an
inter-denominational church service that Boko Haram sponsors are in his
government. The president even expressed fear that they could bomb or kill him
anytime. According to President Jonathan,” Some continue to dip their hands and
eat with you and you won’t even know the person who will point a gun at you or
plant a bomb behind your house” He also said that  “Some of them are
in the executive arm of government, some of them are in the
parliamentary/legislative arm of government, while some of them are even in the
judiciary”. This president left these people dining with him in the ruling
party and continuously accuses Buhari and opposition figures of being behind
insecurity in Nigeria.

Few months after Jonathan’s statement, his National Security Adviser, Lt Gen
Owoiye Azazi at a conference in Asaba, capital of oil rich Delta State,
told an audience that Boko Haram sponsors are in the PDP. According to Azazi
“The issue of violence did not increase in Nigeria until when there was a
declaration by the current president that he was going to contest. PDP got it
wrong from the beginning. The party started by saying Mr. A can rule, and Mr. B
cannot rule, according to PDP conventions, rules and regulations and not
according to the constitution. That created the climate for what is happening
or manifesting itself in country.”
Few months later Azazi was sacked and when he failed to go home to enjoy
his own share of the national cake, preferring to pock nose on security
matters, he was killed in an helicopter accident while attending the burial of
the father of the president’s aide.

Buhari has been a thorn in the flesh of the ruling party. His anti corruption
stance and his rising popularity in the core north is a headache Jonathan’s men
cannot subside. The ruling party had succeeded in tagging him a terrorist
sponsor and that theory has succeeded only in the South East and South South
and parts of the middle belt while the rest of Nigeria knows better. Therefore it
is logical to assume that best option is to eliminate him. This they tried and
it has failed woefully.

It is obvious that the ruling PDP wants to turn Christians against Muslims in Nigeria, and turning Northerners against southerners
in Nigeria
by trying to kill Buhari. If Buhari had been assassinated, the northerners will
abandon the PDP Boko Haram members among their people and descend on Igbo
businessmen and women and slaughter them in their tens of thousands, the Igbos
will in turn slaughter back some northerners and another civil war will start.
In the event of a Buhari assassination, Muslims will rise up against Christians
in anger and Christians will respond promptly, leading to another religious
conflict in Africa’s most populous nation.
These people in PDP do not know the implications of what they are doing until
they drag innocent, unsuspecting impoverished Nigerians harangued by government
inflicted poverty into unnecessary bloodshed.

It has been proven from this attack which consumed over ninety lives, of
which Buhari could have been among, that the ruling PDP is sponsoring Boko
Haram. Goodluck Jonathan had better fish out his party members from the north
who are behind Boko Haram, because one day, those same people will try the
Buhari treatment on him.  I have always known that Boko Haram sponsors are
in PDP as early as 2011, from information gleaned from reliable sources, local
and international, and had always voiced it out in print and other forums
where I have opportunity to address people. I am not a politician but have hundreds of highly placed friend in offices who always tell me the truth and those of them in the inner caucus of the PDP knows that Buhari is not what theyhave tagged him, however, maligning him for political purposes is very expedient. However, this desperate attempt by
the Boko Haram members in PDP to kill Buhari so brazenly is an act that
should be condemned by all lovers of peace and truth before the consequences
destroys the

Obinna Akukwe



  1. Author, you are plain stupid. Did PDP form B/Haram? Where were you when SANI Yerima and Co brought sharia to north? B/Haram is fighting for sharia ruled country. If B/Haram killed Buhari, did Yoruba or Igbo contribute to that? Why must Muslims descend on Christians if Buhari gets killed by Boko Haram? Any such fight must instantly lead to the break up of Nigeria. Muslim north of Nigeria shall be loser in a situation they begin a fight that leads to break up of Nigeria. Did Buhari condemn sharia code protagonists then? Buhari said Boko Haram are freedom fighters and never condemned it until it went viral.


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