Re: The Coming Of President Goodluck Jonathan To Imo State





The attention of the Imo State government has be drawn to the scheduled visit of the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan to Imo State on Saturday 22nd February, 2014.

Part of the information is also that the president is coming to the state to receive two or three indigenes of the state who had left Peoples Democratic Party PDP, some years ago back to the party.

What ever is the reason for the president’s scheduled visit to the state on Saturday is not the concern of the state government, rather, the worry of the state government is that, the President of the largest country in Africa and one of the largest in the world, is visiting the state and nobody has cared to officially inform the Executive Governor of the state, who is also by protocol, the chief security officer of the state.

The PDP in the state had applied to the state government for approval to be given the state owned stadium for their rally which the government did not waste time to approve for the party. But the PDP in the state did not disclosed that they needed the stadium to receive Mr President to enable the state government give them a more comfortable place like the Heroes Square or the Freedom Square, all of them being of International standard.

However, since the President is the president of all Nigerians including Imo people, the governor has directed that the stadium be given a face lift for the reception of Mr President.

The governor has also called on the citizen of the state to accord Mr President a very warm reception befitting of his office.

The governor however regretted that the Imo State Chapter of the PDP could not separate the office of the president from their party rally. Receiving Mr President and making him comfortable will not in any way stop him from receiving the PDP returnees.

The governor advised the PDP people to stop digressing the country and making mockery of our democracy by their actions, otherwise they would have known that the president coming to the state would first be a state business before other activities could come, including political party activity.

The governor also urged the PDP chieftain in the state who had fed Mr President lies with events in the state in recent time to do the state a favor, by taking Mr President round, even within the state capital only to see the glaring transformation that has taking place in the state in less than three years of his administration.

However, the government and good people of Imo State which Mr President a hitch-free trip, through and fro Imo State.

Sam Onwuemeodo

SSA Media to the Governor




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