“My kidnappers did not cover their faces except the vigilante I employed in my house” – GUO boss

By Ebere Suzy Okoye
The Executive Director of G U O motors Ltd, Sir Godwin Okeke on Thursday told the Onitsha High Court in Anambra State, presided over by Justice Chudi Nwankwo in the on-going trial of three accused persons in connection with his kidnap on August 23, 2009 at All Saints Anglican Church Cathedral, Onitsha on how he know the 3rd accused person who happened to be his security man in his house and mastermind his kidnap.
Alexander Onyinanya happened to be the 3rd accused person who according to Okeke worked as a vigilante among others in his home town at Adazi- Ani in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra.
Okeke who is the principle witness told the court during the end of the year Cross Examination when asked on how he knows the 3rd defendant replied that he knows him as Alexander a.k.a Bullet but while at his service, the guy were never seen when ever he arrived home adding that among his colleague, he lived an extreme life above his income.
 Okeke maintained that while with his kidnappers, he relaxed with them not minding the shocks and pains he had to the extend of eating (breadfruit) and drinking Bullet- proof medicine (Odeshi) with them adding that God gave him courage undo that he was praying, revising psalms 121 and 23 in the bible.
He said that his kidnappers didn’t cover their faces because of the huge amount of money he promise them except the 3rd accused who mastermind his kidnap admitting that even duo he covered his face that he recognized him by his legs and lame nature because he is once a vigilante worker in his compound at Adazi.
Undo, the 3rd defendant counsel noted that the person of which Okeke saw while on detention was not his client adding that his client was not lame at-tall but Okeke replied that he was lame as a result of the said accident he has as of 2009.
When asked on how the 3rd accused was arrested, Okeke said at the initially stage, Alexander was on the run but after reporting to their vigilante boss by the name Chinenye Ihenko Aka Okponpi who gave the accused to him for a work, Okponpi with other colleague started tracing him, at a time the boss got him in phone call and he replied that he was in a hospital in Adazi and when getting to the hospital in question, he was no where to be found.
He continued that it was later that his boss with other colleague got an information that he is at Adazi and got him arrested while sharing some things (not mention) with his gang member adding that it was while on the investigations that he knew that the suspect was from Ufuma in Aguata local Government Area of the state.
At a time, M.D Wilcox appearing with the prosecuting Counsel Chris Ajugwe raised an objection on the ground that the 3rd defendant counsel was repeating questions already asked in the last proceeding that it will lead to confusion to the witness who has already answered the questions on the previous proceeding and the court sustained the objection and asked the 3rd defendant counsel to ask fresh questions.
The case was later adjourned to 1st January, 2014 for further public hearing.
Speaking after the court, Sir Okeke thank God for been on his side all the years despite the threat, phone calls he got from the enemies, pointing that his kidnappers were changing lawyers as they like without knowing that the truth is always clear adding that because of his case of kidnapping, kidnapping has remitted  to zero level in Anambra.
He thanked the Governor of the State, Mr. Peter Obi for coming into the matter, also call on individuals whether rich or poor to come out in other to fight devil adding that he has been in court for over 4 months not minding his businesses but to get justice done.


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