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The Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) wishes to congratulate our leaders in APC and New PDP for yet another historic accomplishment of uniting our two parties. We specially welcome our fellow compatriots, G7 Governors for taking the courageous and historic step of leaving the governing, albeit, fast crumbling PDP into the progressives fold.

Their movement of our compatriots from the now defunct New PDP to the All Progressives Party, despite all manners of intimidation, harassment and persecution by the Presidency and the PDP is worthy of commendation and is indicative of their strong personal principles, commitment and conviction to the progress of Nigeria.

Indeed, considering the nature of achievements recorded in states governed by leaders of the New PDP, they had no business belonging to a party with no democratic traditions, no vision for Nigeria beyond wasting public resources and further impoverishing Nigerians in spite of unprecedented oil revenues.

Progressive GF1

If anything, we are only welcoming you back home where you belong; to the party that feels the pains of Nigerians and understands that power and responsibility are merely exercised on behalf of the people and only to serve the collective interests of all Nigerians.

By coming into the fold of the progressives, you have opted to discard the politics of corruption, nepotism and deception in favour of transparent and accountable leadership that is governed by the principles of progress, integrity and equity. Together, we shall forge stronger alliances by joining forces with other like-minded progressives to rescue Nigeria from imminent collapse.

To all Nigerians, our message is clear: It can be done. One LGA at a time, one State at a time, we will rescue Nigeria from imminent state failure under the PDP and ensure security, economic development and progress.

The Progressive Revolution has started!