“I Will Never Support Jonathan For 2015, Nigeria We Need Change” – Femi Kayode


By Umar Akilu Majeri, Dutse
I will never support president Jonathan for presidential seat and we must bring change of government by the year 2015 to save the lives of Nigerians. Change of Jonathan administration is the only savior to the country because Nigeria need leaders that have the country in their mind“, the former minister of aviation Mr. Femi F. Kayode disclosed in an interview with news men in Dutse, Jigawa.

Kayode said Nigeria lack leaders whom their mind is to save the lives of its citizens and also to save the country from collapse. He explained that among the Nigerian governors Sule Lamido has achieved a lot in transforming Jigawa state to be one of the best states in the country.

He charged other governors in the country to emulate what governor Lamido has done in Jigawa state. He added that he will not support Jonathan’s continuation as a Nigerian president by 2015 for the progress of our country.

He noted that if Jonathan succeeds himself as the president of this great nation there will be a tendency of dividing the country – it is therefore imperative to work hard to salvage our country to ensure by all means that we protect the country by disowning people like Jonathan as our leaders.

He explained further that it is not the issue of G7 governor that brought him to Jigawa or the issue of new PDP or the old PDP. “It is the issue of who will be our leader tomorrow that brought me here.”

He said the mission will never be fulfil until they have a very strong person who will be accepted by all people of the country irrespective of tribe, sectionalism and religion. The selected must be a courage person who can compete with Jonathan and also the person who has the country in mind to save the country from the current situation.

Kayode then commended governor Lamido for the development projects he executed in the state and at the same time charging all Nigerian governors to emulate Lamido’s style of leadership.



  1. …The PDP should be rejoicing. The election has unmasked Oshiomhole as a hypocrite and a fake moralist. A big shame
    ..They are same people that shout one man, one vote, yet they cheat in all things, God will deliver us in Nigeria. The so called leaders are men of low integrity. I saw the way he jumped to the podium last week as he wanted to sworn in the guy. Yet they only claimed PDP rigs, whereas APC/ACN whatever name they adopt are the best balllot box stuffers. God bless Nigeria.
    …Rubbish! So APC expects to win Anambra state governorship election. I have said it on this forum before, any political party should be ready to serve the concoction called APC the same dose they serve others in their states of control..
    .Alhaji lie lie muhammed the parrot!

  2. Femi Kayode should go look for work to do. Has Jonathan approached you to seek your support and in any case anyone you support is already in trouble. Forget your support, he doesn’t need it


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