PDP Crisis: Conditions For Peace Must Be Totally Met – Youth Leader


Press Release

National Youth Leader of the New Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Comrade Timi Frank has dismissed reports that the crisis rocking the party would soon be over.

Political adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Ahmed Gulak, had stated in some national dailies that the crisis in the PDP would soon be over and that all issues were being addressed.

Comrade Frank, has however, dismissed Gulak’s position saying that even though discussions were ongoing, the crisis will be far from over except all the conditions given to the President is met within the stipulated time. After which failure to meet with these demands within the stipulated time, the leadership of the new PDP would unveil its next plan of action to its numerous supporters cut across the nation, noting that the new PDP would not betray the trust of the Nigerian people.

The youth leader said it was wrong for Gulak to attempt to hoodwink party members to believe that a truce was in sight, while knowing that the truth remained that except some sacrifices were made by the President and his allies, it would be practically difficult for the crisis to be over.

“The truth remains that the crisis in the PDP is far from over. While there has been on going talks,  it would be wrong for persons, who in the first place instigated this crisis to begin to play to the gallery. The truth remains that options are open but definitely the crisis is far from over, more so that we have noticed that even in the middle of discussions, there seem to be shifting of goal posts,” Comrade Frank stated.

Frank who is also a Niger Delta youth leader  from Bayelsa State, said it was regrettable that informations made available suggest, that attempts were being made to hound up members of the New PDP in Some states like Bayelsa, saying such practices will only aggravate ongoing negotiations.

” Reports just coming in indicates that some members of the New PDP in Bayelsa State are being haunted for identifying with the party, with the new PDP secretariat in Port Harcourt been sealed off by police. I dare say that if this is the case, then it would be a grievous mistake as actions like this will only worsen matters, and therefore urging the nigeria police to concentrate on security issues and kidnappings ravaging the country instead of joining in internal political matters.

“The constitution of the Federal Republic is clear as it relates to freedom of association, more even as regards the factionalisation of a party. It would therefore, amount to outright breach of the constitution as well as abuse of the rule of law and denial of fundamental human rights for persons to be haunted or arrested based on the current crisis in the PDP. We shall resist such attempts as they are simply barbaric, ” the youth leader said.

While asking security agencies to remain neutral and not to join in the present squabble in the party, Comrade Frank en joined party stalwarts, supporters and indeed Nigerians to remain steadfast in the bid to enthrone a new order and instill internal democracy within the ruling party.



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