Creating Strong Economy, Ifeanyi Ubah Gives Recipe


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In order to create a strong economy in which all Anambra citizens have the
opportunity to prosper, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has pledged to unleash
infrastructural revolution in the state leading to increased employment, trades
and general growth.

Dr Ubah who is the flagbearer of the Labour Party(LP) in the forthcoming Nov
16, 2013 Governorship election, promised to transform Anambra state into an
industrial hub of Africa when he is elected governor of the state.

He will also tackle the high insecurity that has become common place in the
state and has seen the kidnap and killing of many notable citizens of the
state, retardation of real economic growth, investment, divestment, capital
flight. These, he intends to tackle by providing thousands of employment for
the teeming unemployed youth in the state.

The administration would also establish a Business Development Agency, to
provide support to businesses help them access credit facilities/expertise;
build a world-class airport, seaport and cargo village.

Ubah saw as irreconcilable for a state known globally to be business hub of the
nation not to have specialized cargo village seaport and airport. Whereas in
other societies and nations a state like Anambra would have first class
facilities to advance its area of operational/ economic advantage over other
states. This would tap into the citizens’ strong minded spirit of enterprise,
industry, commerce and community.

To further the synergy, the administration would enter into beneficial Public
Private Partnerships (PPP) with both foreign and local investors to achieve
economic growth objectives. Would partner local councils and other investors to
assist in the development of markets. The state would develop coastal trading
construction of jetties; promote culture and tourism.

The administration would empower women and youth socio-economically and
politically through the Youth Empowerment Agency.



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