Attack On APC Members: APC Lied


The attention of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Abia State has been drawn to spurious allegations by the All Progressives Congress (APC) that “10 youngmen armed with guns, machetes and wooden sticks” purportedly disrupted APC’s meeting in Abia State on the 17th of Sept. 2013.

Ordinarily, we would have disregarded this allegation; coming from Alhaji LIE Mohammed, an unrepentant alarmist whose stock in trade is to promote ill feelings and lie without limit. In the interest of most of our supporters and indeed Abians who have been inundated with these messages, it is only responsive to put the records straight. APC in Abia State only exists in LIE Mohammed’s eye. Let us accept that in Lai Mohammed’s usual antics, he is creating awareness for the eventual launching of APC in Abia. For now, APC remains a logical construct and a ghost apparition in Abia.

We challenge APC to furnish us with particulars of their offices and members in Abia.  It is only by genuinely establishing the veracity of what they would claim that we could begin to give them the attention they seek.

Abia State remains the most peaceful State within the South East region. The implication is that activities of miscreants have been reduced to a terrible zero while the PDP government in the State is pursuing aggressive programmes that promote participatory democracy.

APC failed to avail the public that vital information regarding their show of shame at an isolated area of Umuhia on the 17th of September 2013. Investigations revealed that various splinter (yet very insignificant) groups (Victor Ume APGA  – APC, APGA – UPP, Maxi Okwu APGA – APC; CPC – APC etc) of political parties laying claims to ownership of APC engaged each other in fisticuffs. What ensured may better be described as a regulated misunderstanding amongst confused people. Otherwise, Alhaji Lai Mohammed should tell us which Police Station recorded the complaint of the so called 10 youngmen armed with guns, machetes and wooden sticks. There is something APC is hiding.

PDP remains the only physically visible and political alive party in Abia State. While we encourage other parties to freely exist, we would advise Lai Mohammed and his annoyingly seeking – for – notice co – travelers in APC to consider exporting members from Maiduguri, Sokoto, Kano and may be Lagos to make up APC in Abia. This is given that at the moment, APC does not exist in Abia.

Chief Uchechi Ogbuka

Publicity Secretary




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