The Fake Tax Certificates Presented By Tony Nwoye, PDP Guber Aspirant [Documents Included]



Mr tony nwoye presented 3 different tax certificates for period spanning 2008 to 2013 of which each had contradictory data. The tax certificates are dated;

June 14, 2011 issued by enugu state government no. 000099753

June 19, 2012 issued by anambra state government no. 109985

July 25, 2013 issued by federal inland revenue service, abuja no. 05198093

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On the tax certificate issued by enugu state goverment, he claims to have been issued a tax receipt for his 2009 tax paid on sept 19, 2009 which is a lie as this date was a Saturday (non working day)

The said certificate is claimed to have been issued on june 14, 2011 and the tax for 2011 paid on same date, june 14, 2011. If this is assumed to be true, which tax certificate did mr tony nwoye present to pdp & inec in the run up to the april 2011 national assembly elections in which he participated? Could he have paid his 2011 tax after the elections had taken place & his colleagues sworn into office?

In the tax certificate issued by anambra state government, he claims that his source of income is medical practice. Unless tony nwoye is guilty of quackery which is possible and is a criminal offence, tony nwoye is not a graduate talk less of being a medical doctor.

Tony nwoye was indeed a medical student in the university of nigeria nsukka and withdrew after a year in medical school, which he should be in the best position to inform all why he withdrew. Was it personal or he failed 2nd mb or was involved in cult activities?

A look at the 2012 and 2013 tax certificates shall reveal that the taxes were not paid as at when due.

to further prove the lies he has concocted, his original tax receipts should be demanded and verified as this was the reason he has failed to show these to the screening committee rather, bringing a scanned copy on the pretext that originals are in anambra state.

Part iv 14(a) of the PDP guidelines states clearly that an aspirant shall not be qualified to be nominated or contest if he fails to have paid tax for the preceeding three years as at when due, and part iv15(2) of the same guidelines states that any aspirant who gives false information shall be disqualified.



  1. I wonder who the Ubas think they are deceiving.We all know that Tony Nwonye’s candidature and fake documentation was all pre-planned by Andy Uba,Inec and the powers that be in PDP to give Andy the mandate.However,It will fail.

  2. i am shocked at the kind of things i am reading on this website.regarding nwoye and the uba family, i think nwoye should brace up for more dirty fights before the elections. ubas believe anambra is theirs. god save us amen. nick oguaju

  3. Let d screeming be done if Tony nwonye’s documents ar fake, let them push him out there and screen Ubah as well, who is jenew should collect d certisficate, period they are all birds of dsame fether


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