Onwumere And His Multiple Lies: A Rejoinder To Odimegwu Onwumere – By Eddie Onuzuruike


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We certainly may not have heard the last from Odimegwu Onwumere. It is not hidden in any way who Odumegwu works for. Therefore no surprises when he cobbles falsehood and forces it down on the reader in the most unpalatable style with jumbled phrases and incongruous expressions that even affront authors of Onitsha Market Literature of the sixties. Going through his gibberish on the Nigerian Voice, an internet publication, he resumes with blackmail and bashing of Sir T. A. Orji. His empty claims are incoherent swinging from the unreal to the highly imaginative.

His claims that internal roads in Abia are worsening is damn lies. Abia State under Ochendo has run an open door policy where journalist and other misinformed people have been led to verify the truth. He cites one Don Norman Obinna, their new hatchet man, who quotes another unnamed principal who debunks Ochendo’s claims of Legacy Projects. For Obinna and his principal, the Chinese saying that ‘I heard is not as good as I saw,’ become evident here.

This is funny and reveals their real intent and the unreliable sources. If Don saw things for himself, why quote a so-called principal who is so unsure of himself that his name is not used in such a highly volatile claim. In Onwumere’s words, the said principal prefers obscurity. Why wouldn’t somebody who prefers obscurity be fallacious? Or did he mean anonymity?

Well, from Onwumere’s disenchanted view, Abia Governor has not done anything right. Do we even need the opinion of an ex convict like onwumere on issues of such seriousness?

One thousand Onwumeres cannot obliterate the works of Ochendo because they are laid on solid grounds. They are touchable and very highly verifiable. The world knows the truth.

Those claims that the Good Governance team was fooled or showed phony projects is a very poor attempt. It is as blatant a lie as it is a poor attempt to rubbish the collective image of The Labaran Team.

The Good Governance team for their information is a carefully selected group involving people in different fields. There were journalists, led by Mohammed Garba, the NUJ President, Yemi gbambose the chairman of Radio, Television and Theatre Workers Union (RATTAWU), civil society groups like Nkechi Okemiri of National Council of Women Societies, (NCWS). These are people knowledgeable in their fields that you cannot hoodwink. The Honourable minister while with his team in Abia was thorough enough that he made contact with the so-called opposition who aired their views. Mr. Labara Maku did well to convey their message in the open to the Governor who replied without rehearsal. One of their grievances was the non accreditation of the Amachara School of Nursing which the governor presented as one of the reasons for the reconstruction and upgrade of Amachara to a specialist hospital with construction going in seven buildings.

Talking about internal roads, be it in Aba or Umuahia, with facts on the ground, no other Governor in the South East geopolitical Zone can equal T. A. Orji on the construction of roads in the second tenure to which many have been completed and commissioned even with the burden of two big cities of Umuahia and Aba, the government is not complaining.

T. A. runs an open administration and is receptive of worthy suggestions and constructive criticism. If you operate guerrilla journalism with distorted facts and complicated stories, obviously you are a mischief maker and should be seen and described as such. Onwumere, since the governor disagreed with ‘their Oga at the top,’ he has engaged in ill motivated, incessant attacks on the dutiful governor. There are indications that Onwumere is criticizing for his selfish interest which is based on his negative principle of earning few coins for his irregular meals. One would be tempted to ask, is opposition a permanent position? Does onwuwere imply that Sir T A Orji has not done anything right that is worthy of Onwumere’s acknowledgment? What did his master achieve in his eight years? If there was much done, T A wouldn’t have been this bogged and busy.

Chief T A Orji has been procedural, attending to issues and needs of Abians based on needs and funds available. All the roads in Aba or Abia cannot be done in one tenure.

As has been stated earlier, 2015 is not too far. T. A. Orji is not going for re-election as governor. Onwumere, Don Obinna and their Oga at the top, should get ready with their candidate. We are not expecting any surprise performance since their Oga failed in the Senatorial bid last term and has refused to rebuild. Are they going to perform magic? By their fruits we will know them.



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