Kidnap of Mike Ozekhome, SAN – By Abdul Mahmud


Last night, news broke that Mike Ozekhome SAN had been kidnapped by unknown persons as he travelled on the now notorious Ehor stretch of the Benin-Auchi motorway. And with the sad news now long confirmed by the Edo State Command of the Nigeria Police Force, there has been no indication of his where-about or that his driver who was seized with him.


Ozekhome SAN, my former principal and a personal friend, is the suave, outspoken Lagos lawyer whose contributions to constitutional and public laws are well too known; and it is tragic, and if not unheard of, for anyone to have seized him, held him captive against his will. Ozekhome, like many Nigerians who are today held captive by kidnappers everywhere, doesn’t deserve the bestiality of those he has dedicated many years of his outspoken forthrightness to defend, nor does he deserve the mistreatment of gun totting scum who have seized our roads and our country. I call on those holding Ozekhome captive to release him immediately and unconditionally.

There’s a wider point to be made here. The kidnap of Ozekhome highlights the growing insecurity in Edo state and in our country; and the government and security agencies must live up to their responsibility of securing public safety.
Abdul Mahmud
(President, Public Interest Lawyers League, PILL)



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