Deportation Of Ndigbo: Group To Start Mobilizing Igbo Against Lagos Gov’t



A group of Igbo leaders has demanded an unreserved apology from the Lagos State government to Igbo leaders in the state and compensation to Igbos recently deported by the state government to Anambra State, otherwise they may be forced to begin to mobilize Igbos in Lagos against the government.

Giving the threat in a press statement in Lagos, Igbo Leaders Forum posited that the action of the state government negates section 41 of the 1999 constitution and also runs contrary to the claim of one Nigeria.

The group in the release signed by its Coordinator, Chief Ogbonna Onyenweaku noted that the average Igbo are peace loving, commercial and hardworking people and therefore could not become destitute.

Onyenweaku said his group was compelled to issue the statement in order to put the “record straight on the issue of deportation of Igbos from Lagos State to Onitsha in Anambra State.”

“It is a common knowledge that the Igbo’s are peace loving and commercial hardworking people and therefore could not become destitute. An average Igbo man or woman is industrious; those that could not go to school learn one trade or the other. This they exhibit in many markets and other areas they find themselves in Lagos.

“No matter the problem your car have or your electronics, once you get to Alaba or Ladipo markets they are solved by Igbo’s. The Igbo’s have helped develop Lagos State as a mega city.”

Why acknowledging and commending the effort of the Babatunde Fashola administration to transform Lagos, the group said however that, “the recent deportation of Igbo’s to Onitsha Anambra State has cast serious doubt on the genuiness of one Nigeria.

“If Igbo’s have started becoming destitutes in Lagos as claimed by Fashola government, why did they fail to inform the Igbo leaders in Lagos who they consult during elections. We have Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo, The Igbo Speaking Community, Aka-Ikenga, Ndi-Igbo Lagos and so many town unions. At least these leaders could have verified the authenticity of their claim that those deported are destitutes.

“In view of this, the group condemns the action as it negates section 41 of 1999 constitution and therefore demands immediate compensation to the victims. Also we demand an unreserved apology to Ndi-Igbo over the act or else the group may be forced to mobilize Ndi-Igbo against the government.

“This is not the first time this government is coming hard on Igbo’s in Lagos State as the government of Fashola has closed more markets in Lagos and over a very little excuses than all other previous governors in the state.

We thank the Igbo leaders in Lagos State for their stand in this matter and warned that the statement credited to the Honourable Speaker of the Lagos State, Mr. Ikuforiji Adeyemi that more people will be deported while the previous one has not been resolved might affect 2015 elections in Lagos State.



  1. I have been actually thinking of Mr Fashiola the Lagos state governor’s action of forcefully deporting some Igbo’s from his to Anambra state and couldn’t define it. It is really a great insult to the diginity, loyalty and image of ndi Igbo (Igbos). The worse is that these people deported and dumped and frustratee in Anambra state are not all from the state, as that was not enough, they were boasting of doing more.
    The governors of the Igbo states that are affected should take the matter to the federal republic of Nigeria for necessary action against Mr Fashiola and compensation of the victims. If the federal govt silents the matter it may indicate that it is a secret joint force of the federal govt to fight the Igbos without a course.


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