Yinka Odumaking: Isn’t It Obvious That The CPC Is Against Truth? – Abdulrazaq O Hamzat


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will a Buhari led Federal Government also investigate and prosecute all ACN, ANPP looters who the majority are now the generals allies?’’

Yinka Odumaki, The Spokesman to General Muhammed Buhari was reported to have said, “Between 1999 and now, I’ve related at close quarters with most actors in the Yoruba political space at close quarters and I know the weaknesses and strengths of all.

“I can tell you authoritatively that the most dangerous and terrible tendency in Yoruba politics is the house of deceit that Tinubu represents.

“Only those who have sold their souls will ignore this fact … There has never been any such greedy bunch in our nation- not under “Demo” or even PDP.

“I took Akala before EFCC in 2010 for awarding roads at N50m per km in all the LGs in Oyo state. Today your Asiwaju is collecting N1b per km across South West.

“When Tinubu turned “60″ ACN states contributed N1b for a bash, nobody tried that in Yorubaland before.

“Chief Adebanjo was chairman of AD in 1999 and not one relation of his got a ticket unlike your Tinubu whose wife is a senator,son in law a Rep, Sister in law a House member in Lagos and daughter now Iyaloja via imposition .

“Your grouse with the old men may be for reasons you have not stated but you know they are far more honourable than a million Bola Tinubu.”

The outburst from Mr. Odumakin had provoked many considering the on-going effort to merge the major opposition parties into APC championed by CPC and ACN, especially the CPC which was quick to disconnect Odumakin from Buhari, stating that, the opinion expressed by Yinka is his personal opinion and not that of Buhari and the CPC.

For now, i would hold my comment until Buhari himself give his position on the said disclaimer.

If Buhari succumb to the pressure by personally dissociating himself from this truthful outburst of Odumakin, this would mean that the best is serving the weak or the truthful serving the deceitful, i.e. Odumakin who in this instance represent the truthful is even far better than his Oga in term of integrity and truthfulness.

Without any doubt, Odumakin should be considered as one of the most selfless and patriotic Nigerian for having the courage despite the on-going merger between their respective parties to speak the truth even when it means putting himself in bad light before their new found ally.

The question is, Why are all those we thought are reasonable suddenly turning out to be unreasonable?

Why are those we thought are patriots are turning out to be unpatriotic?

Why are those we assume are better turning out to be not?

Don’t be disappointed, they are merely showing their real and true colour.

I had previously asked a question in my article titled, Why Nigerian Youths must take a stand in 2015. In it, I stated that, In my opinion, the opposition, especially the ACN and ANPP are as corrupt as the PDP. So, if some Nigerian leaders and elite can open their stinking mouth to ask Nigerians to settle for some ACN, ANPP thieves under the new APC over other PDP thieves, then what is the hope of the many illiterates?

Tijani Gadani while expressing is worries about the APC said, ’’Let me agree, for the sake of argument, that General Muhammed Buhari is honest, corrupt free and even a saint. Then, why will he associate himself with Ahmed Sani Yerima, the man who introduce Political Sharia in Zamfara State as the Governor, but wouldn’t want to be tried under the same sharia for corruption?

Why will Buhari associate himself with Bola Tinubu whom we all know doesn’t share the same idea with him in term of integrity? Someone whom is said to be once tagged as the most corrupt governor in Africa?

I went further to state that, The truth must be told, Nigeria cannot get it right under this recycling of old and failed leaders who brought the country to this rotten state, be it with the PDP or the opposition, the earlier we realize this, the better for Nigeria.

While contributing to the discussion, Yemi Odunaike, a strong admirer of General Muhammad Buhari who express disappointment with Buhari and the APC wrote,’’ Buhari before collaboration with ACN and others, I support with all passion.

In his words, ’the very simple question still lingering is, will a Buhari led Federal Government also investigate and prosecute all ACN, ANPP looters who the majority are now the generals allies?’’ or I ask that, can he prevent them from further stealing and drying the federal treasury as they did to the respective states they are controlling?

What Yinka Odumakin stated was the truth and nobody can claim ignorance of this fact.

So, I ask, why should Yinka Odumakin drag Alao Akala, A PDP Governor to Court over awarding a kilometre of road for N50million while the claimed progressive party award the same road for N1billion to Tinubu and we expect Odumakin to sit on the same chair with these fellows claiming progressive?

In his words, “I took Akala before EFCC in 2010 for awarding roads at N50m per km in all the LGs in Oyo state. Today your Asiwaju is collecting N1b per km across South West.

If this is what the CPC is against, isn’t it obvious that the CPC is against truth?




  1. i have always said it to those who support tinubu blindly.he’s so corrupt and meganomaniac.even though,u need funds to fight ur enemy,there ways of going abt it.but in his own case all strata of integrity must be jettisoned to get whatever he wants.i know buhari will fall out with these tinubu led robbery gang once he clinches d aso rock.nevertheless, ACN is still better than PDP.

  2. Gen. Buhari will forget the past and begin the proper implementation of the strategies that are being mapped out for a better Nigeria, otherwise the government will end its tenure without achieving anything tangible. UP! UP!! UP!!! the people’s GENERAL.


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