Wole Soyinka “When You Marry An Illiterate Woman, You Make Stupid Decisions Like Jonathan”


An analytical piece With Prof. Wole Soyinka He has obliged to sharing this with as many Nigerians as possible. Please share this with friends and the general public.


  1. It’s No More about Subsidy Alone.
  • The American President has only TWO aircraft, our president has 9[Nine] in his fleet and was voted money recently to buy ONE more! Making it TEN!
  •  The British prime Minister has only TWO official cars, our president has 23 in his pool and only recently voted 300Million Naira to buy TWO more bullet/bomb proof ones!
  •  Senators in the US earn about $6,000 dollars monthly and that’s about what a university professor, or a director in a state department, or a doctor with 20years experience, or a teacher with 25years experience earn too, but Here in Nigeria a senator earns 245 million Naira per annum! That’s the salary of 25 vice chancellors, or 50 medical doctors, or 60 directors, or 500 school teachers!
  • The US, almost the size of Africa with about 500million people have 24 ministers, and 32 government parastatals and commisions, Nigeria has a whooping 42 cabinet ministers, and over 50[Fifty] government parastatals!
  •  America with about 500million people and more mileage to drive consumes 39million litres of petrol daily, Nigeria with 150million people 60% out of which live in remote areas, yet our government tells us we consume about 35million litres of petrol daily!

        2.     Is Subsidy Really the Problem of Nigeria?

‘When you marry an illiterate woman as a wife, you will definitely make stupid decisions like jonathan’: wole soyinka spoke!

Occupy Wole Soyinka When You Marry An Illiterate Woman, You Make Stupid Decisions Like Jonathan

Our Dear President GoodLuck Jonathan has become a tyrant, a shandel, a shame, he has become the No.1 Enemy of Nigeria. Is this because we, Nigeria are yet to adopt to CHANGE? Change that only Jonathan can see? The End will justify everything. Pray for Nigeria! Pray for our Beloved Country!

We wonder if all this came from prof.

– Source: http://www.naijaurban.com/when-you-marry-an-illiterate-woman-as-a-wife-you-make-stupid-decisions-like-jonathan-wole-soyinka/



  1. It is doubtful if Wole Soyinka would have made this statement with obvious lack of information in the comparisons contained therein. Which aircraft does Secretary of State, First Lady, house speaker etc etc travel with and why do those aircraft bear the american flag and coat of arms if they do not form part of government air fleet. These aircraft are not personal property and it is doubtful of the president uses more than two of them.

  2. I am sorry for OCCUPY NIGERIA as an organisation if at all they are.
    Dragging wole soyinka into this big mess is mean as you are trying to ridicule this statesman. He could make his comment as a Nigerian but never mentioned the president’s wife. If you have a responsible wife at home , you will never insult another’s wife. In your family, i wonder how many women are educated, and if your wife is educated, why are you not the president.

    1. The president has nine aircrafts, how many did OBJ keep, and how many Babangida kept. Also, his favourite Governors in Akwa Ibom and River State has aircraft for what purpose if the essence was to administer their state, has our prof commented about them, or he only goes there to collect money. Has the Prof also sought to know why numerous aircraft from the presidency?

    2.Akpabio runs a convoy of 45 exotic cars, some are used as CVU to pick prof in his numerous visits to the state but i have never heard Mr Prof complained.

    3.If our senators allocate so much to themselves through resolutions and forceful entry through bills, the prof should attack them not the president. We are witness of most budgetary issues not because the executive did not do their job properly but because our national assembly members wants to handle the so called CONSTITUENCY PROJECTS. And are even asking for Pension and Severance Benefit.

    4. For other issues, please address your complaints to appropriate offices Mr. Prof and stop acting like a tout I don’t think you are. Its your country, and as a senior citizen, you have a right to advise where you think they are not doing fine, afterall, you survived and adviced under the military, why not now? Also, advice OCCUPY NIGERIA to use proper headlines when publishing your write ups as you will not be happy if its applied to your wife, sister, or aunty.

  3. If you and Soyinka were in the US, you will be talking with the FBI or the CIA. That is the difference.
    You and Soyinka should be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. Let us say the Bipi’s Prayer:


    “Our Mama which art in Aso Rock,
    Hallowed be thy name,
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done in Rivers, as it is in Abuja.

    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our debts,
    as we forgive our debtors.

    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from Amaechi:
    For thine is the Rivers,
    and the power, and the glory,
    for ever.” — Amen.

  5. I hope that our know it all and tribalistic prof has seen his psychiatrist recently? I think that too much of learning is taking the better part of his sense of reasoning. He is sounding childish. God pls helap him before he starts walking Nake on the streets of Nigeria. Too much of anything is bad, including knowledge, because it makes you behave like a child.

  6. I am utterly disappointed by utterances credited to this Professor. This suggests Senility!


    The law of diminishing returns is at work – he probably has had enough of books, KAI! “disgusted”

  7. We are becoming too childish as a nation. Let ‘s call a spade a spade. All of you in this nation are selfish, you defend a man because he is from your region and not because of what he is doing. Nigeria will be a better place, only when the issue of Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and other tribes are done away with in our constitution . Le us enthroned merit and not mediocrity. Our God will not support us because He is a GOd of justice until justice is done in all departments of our nation, our nation will continue in darkness and problems. The govt. should develop our health care instuition , they are not ashamed transverse all nations in search of cure for their minor ailments and money that could be used to develop their country is stashed away in other nations. May our God help! Help! Help!


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