Are We Safe In Nasarawa State?

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By Rabiu Doma, Nasarawa

The recent maiming, killings and smoldering of over One Hundred (100) Joint Task Force mostly men of the State Security Service (SSS) Mobile Police Force, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Police by members of the blood sucking demon at Ombatse shrine, a cluster of less than three hundred (300) homestead is a clear indication that nobody is save in the home of solid mineral (Nasarawa state).


In the attack, ten (10) hilux van out of the twelve that conveyed security operative to Alakyo shrine were set ablaze while vast of the uniformed men were also burnt beyond recognition. The death of the security operatives in a twinkle of an eye continued to generate public disapproval on the devilish maiming of lives that were tasked to restore peace in Alakyo community.

The fear of Ombatse is the beginning of all wisdom. Apart from the attack on our security outfit, scores of communities were sacked at will by the Eggon group whose stock in attack are cutting their victims with a matched as well burning down of houses. The Joint Task Force were burnt to the extent that family members of the slain security men were involved in fiasco as two families and relatives were involved in a banter over the ownership of corpse that were burnt beyond recognition.

The victims of the attack in Burum-Burum,Gidan Rai,Agyaragu,Assakio,Bassa,Yelwan Bassa,Ruwan Doma,Iga,Kwandare among other settlement including palaces were burnt while occupants butchered to death.

The question that continues to linger in our mind is what happens to the sponsors, financiers and the militant. Other pertinent questions asked are who was Governor Al-Makura protecting from the Eggon fold? – The Ombatse militant, the spiritual leader or those at the echelon of affairs?

What are the outcomes of the series of commission of inquiries set up by the state Government to look into the unrest? The setting up of judicial commission of Inquiry has sent bad signal.

A power broker from Eggon land, Jacob Ali at a political rally said the judicial commission of Inquiry was constituted to frustrate and humiliate Eggons.

The Lafia Elders Consultative Forum (LADUF) condolence visit serves as a wakeup call to Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to sit-up. The killings has dented the image of Nasarawa state not only at home but at the international – as being barbaric, while on the part of Eggon nation no amount of press briefing by Eggon Cultural Development Association (ECDA) can sanctify Eggon nation from the dreadful act committed by people.

Other concerned indigents continue to ask the literal meaning of Ombatse? Which meaning is “IS NOW OUR TIME”, time to Govern or kill lives in the state?

The emergence of Ombatse cultist has crippled socio-economic activities of the state with the colossal amount of resource dedicated to security. The money that was supposed to be devoted to the provision of basic amenities were sidetracked towards the security of lives and properties – so also is the huge amount of money doled out to the families and relatives of the slain police officers by the state Government –  an amount running into millions of naira.

The non-implementation of the recommendations of the commission of enquires will serve as a leverage for other ethnic groups to introduce other militia groups which will be capable to truncate the fragile peace experienced in the state.

Farmers who constitute the larger percentage of residents have abandoned their farmland seeking for refugee in urban centres is an indicator that famine and hunger is imminent in the land.

Is now time for Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to act fast by arresting and prosecuting all those involved in the skirmish. The state Governor should borrow a leaf from the former governor, Governor Abdullahi Adamu by apprehending and prosecuting those fueling the crisis, over 3000 students and pupils were out of school since the beginning of the violence which was at its peak since November last year, while WAEC NECO,Jamb centres were closed down.

In spite of the holistic approach of the state Government to restore peace in some of the volatile zones, fresh attacks are ongoing either on individual or group of persons.

The unfolding scenario is an eye opener that 2015 elections in Nasarawa state will be bloody. There is the need for the political office holders especially our National Assembly and state Assembly members to rub shoulders with the chief executive to proffer lasting solutions to the
avoidable crisis that has bedeviled the state.

Recent revelation by high the powered members of the Ombatse cultist indicting the state Governor as a member continue to generate heat – by right thinking people in the state.

Barrister Alumaga in a press briefing last year revealed that only Eggon tribe with exceptions of women are members of the Ombatse. Alumaga also maintained that Ombatse is out to cleanse the society of wanton evils committed on daily basis. Only time will tell who the real members and financiers are.



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