Ifeanyi Uba May Withdraw From Anambra Guber Race, As Kinsmen Pass No Confidence Vote

Ifeanyi Ubah
Ifeanyi Ubah

Following an in-house screening and vote by larger number of the Nnewi community leaders, the Capital Oil boss and governorship aspirant under a yet-be-named political party in the forthcoming Anambra 2014 race, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah has been urged to reconsider his aspiration. A fellow Nnewi compatriot and aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr John Nwosu was given the nod to carry on, instead.

Also, the former Transition Committee Chairman of Nnewi North Local Government Hon. Francis Omo Okeke has advised him, “as my brother, I sincerely urge him, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba to withdraw from the 2014 Anambra Governorship race”.

Okeke spoke to journalists at Nnewi yesterday, said that his discussion is based on deep respect he has for the person of Uba.

Uba, according to sources close to the central community association for the industrial/commercial town was asked to drop his ambition in the interest of peace and progress. They were said to have urged him to consider investing all the huge resources he had already invested in the guber race in other worthy ventures that would benefit the town and humanity better.

The young oil magnate was alleged to have politely declined the advice, pointing out that he would only do so if they were ready to refund all he has put in so far. He was alleged also to have invested above N3billion already.

Okeke, who is a stalwart of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) said that his perception of the personality of the oil mogul is that of the Alh Aliko Dangote, Otunba Mike Adenuga and other like personalities that shape the political landscape of Africa without necessarily going for any elective positions.

He posited that Uba, as an outstanding philanthropist per excellence should better concentrate on building his business empire and improving the lot of humanity without swimming in the murky water of politics to become the Ndigbo’s counterparts of the personalities he earlier mentioned who without controversy have become household names in Nigeria and beyond yet never stand for any election. “I am a beneficiary of Ifeanyi Uba’s large heartedness and that’s why I owe him a duty of telling him the truth.

“Now all the known sycophants are urging him to run but the question Ifeanyi Uba should ask himself is what happens if he fails in his guber bid?”

Hon Okeke pointed out that wealth and affluence can never be the only reason for a man will aspire for elective leadership. “The world is blessed with all manner of leaders. We have the economic super power, we have the political leaders, there are religious leaders. All these have different and respectable roles to play in the lives of people. I expected Uba my brother and friend to concentrate on consolidating his economic power even as he continued to positively impact the lives of the people with his Philanthropism through his reputable foundation without asking for votes in return for his deep pocket and large heart.”



  1. Please which in-house vote is this that Nnewians are not familiar with. DR IFEANYI UBA, is qualified as a Nigerian to vote and be voted for in any elective office in the nation. The people of Anambra State have the ultimate right to approve or disapprove a candidate and NOT some individuals with self interests. Please leave Dr Uba, alone on this decision

  2. Run, Ifeanyi Uba run, the youths need you to create employment opportunities for them, Peter Obi has failed woefully in this!!!


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