Let Us Be Nationalistic: Dr. Ekiyor urges the Vocal Minority North, Opposition Parties



* its under Goodluck Jonathan that the freedom of expression have been so upheld


Reading through the Vanguard newspaper and listening to the House of Representatives resolutions one is force to think that Nigeria is some sort of animal farm where “all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others”.  Otherwise how else can you describe a situation  where section of a people with particularly reference to Gen Buhari former Head State and presidential candidate of the CPC and former VP  Abubakar Atiku, both of whom have been quoted in public space to have said “if they don’t win the 2011 elections the country will be ungovernable, and since those pronouncement, we have been confronted by the monstrous Boko Haram insurgence and indeed  peaceful governance has been made so difficult  for President  Jonathan, yet the House of Reps nor Gov. Aliyu or Arewa Youth Forum (who should have been in the fore front of finding lasting solution to the Boko Haram menace) have called for the arrest of those citizens that have perhaps threatened our national unity more. What about the likes of Lawal Kaita, Lai Mohammed, Dr. Junaid Mohammed and serving members of Senate and Reps in whose home they have found members of the deadly sect Book Haram, are these persons not more culpable? Was it not Hon Bala Na Allah that called for wiping of the whole Niger Delta under Yar’Adua? Was he prosecuted? Or investigated?

All that is credited to Alhaji Dokubo Asari and Hon. Kuku is not as witty as it is being presented, they tried to emphasized that President Jonathan be given a chance to complete his two term as allowed by the constitution by persuading the people and in doing so they also lay credence to the fact that Goodluck Jonathan as vice president had compelled the Niger Delta people to sheath their sword and embrace peace and this has added great economic stability to our great country. Whereas these days the use of strong language is made by all and sundry under President Jonathan, people tend to place premium on perceptions and premeditated interpretations rather than the massive. Why the call for arrest of the duo?

The AYF should concern itself with being at the forefront to rally the support to unravelled or demystifying the group behind the numerous atrocities and cold blooded murder of Nigerians and indeed security agents, only yesterday over 100 security men were allegedly declared to be at large. Gambo should be reminded that in resolving the Niger Delta crisis under a President Yar’Adua it took my humble self as president of Ijaw Youth Council -IYC and the Kukus and the Asaris with a host of committed Ijaw leaders to bell the cat and engage our fighters in dialogue on behalf of the country. How then can you say these same highly respected leaders in our movement are inciting the Nigerian populace?  The question that begs for answers would be that “have the vocal minority from the North and the opposition parties given President Jonathan any chance or benefit doubt since 2011?

Nigerians must know that it is under Goodluck Jonathan that the freedom of expression have been so upheld, It not only under his presidency that a governor like Babangida Aliyu, who has dotted the whole of Niger state from Suleja to Rijau with his billboard in a fashion only second to late Mamaur Gadhafi and yet so impoverished the citizen of the state. Governor Aliyu should evaluate his performance in Niger state with a conscious effort and see if he could score himself a pass mark. There is a dearth in infrastructure development, all over the state; he should concern himself with those challenges confronting him as a Governor.  Freedom of speech occasioned by the respect for the rule of law under Goodluck Jonathan is unprecedented.

The House of Reps on its part is given the impression as if it’s of the north, why would they take side on issues affecting the north at all time and when it comes to the Niger Delta they harass our ministers and appointees of Mr President, the House of Reps should be seen at all times as a pan Nigeria representation regardless of the fact that they the north has majority members, their resolution must not give any impression of skewness to any side, it must be Nationalistic.  Why the resolution to force Mr. IGP to probe the duo, they should have earlier cause the investigation of all those fingered in triggering conflict in the north.  Nigerians must realize  that Nigeria belongs to all of us, and we are all stake holders, whereas I believe that Jonathan cannot be foisted on the Nigerian people, I also think that he cannot be ousted by a so called cable that are trying to hold us down.

The Niger Delta has been paying the price that has kept us united, therefore it is worthy of note that the people from that region be treated with respect. More so when the man in question is president and commander in chief. Here for the records is just to mention but a few of such inciting words


All these are going on and none of the individual have been called to order or investigated , what then are we talking about.


“The hottest part of should be best reversed for those who in times of moral crisis preserve their neutrality” Dante Alegheri.



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