Army Saboteurs In Trouble, Chief Of Staff Moves To Fish Out Informants As Arrested Saboteur Faces Court Martial

The Nigerian Army has declared war on soldiers  who sabotage its operations by giving out information to enemies such as terrorists and militants.
Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika, disclosed this  yesterday, saying: “Let me at this point warn against giving out vital  information both at Army headquarters and formations level which put at  risk, our operations or that of our troops. The consequences will be  applied to the letter. A Soldier who gave out information that led to  the killing of troops going to Mali has been arrested and will soon face court martial.”
According to the Army Chief while speaking at the 2013 Nigerian Army  transformation seminar in the Nigerian capital, Abuja: “Some soldiers  give out information through internet and online services that  compromise the fight against insurgents and compromise our operations. I have directed the Directorate of Military intelligence and the Military Police to search for these officers, who should get appropriate  punishment.”
The incident which Gen. Ihejirika referred to happened last January  19 when information leaked to terrorists about the movement of troops to Mali for AFISMA operations, thereby leading to the ambush and killing  of two soldiers along the Okene-Lokoja road in North-Central Nigeria.
The COAS commended Nigerian troops currently on operations in Nigeria and Mali, assuring that the army still has enough to take care of any  eventually that may arise.
He thanked President Goodluck Jonathan for supporting the Army,  disclosing that the Army will, this week, take delivery of 10,000 bullet proof vests and 10,000 bullet proof helmets for use of troops deployed  in several operations.
Source: News Express


  1. But you have also given out a vital information to the enemies now.
    Dont you think the 10,000 bullet proof vest and helmets delivery is supposed to be classified?

  2. It’s about time that we clean house. This has been the cause of many failed attempts to secure citizens even here in Nigeria. Kudos to the army for this line of action.


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