“270 Lives were lost in Alakyo” – Ombatse Head

Baba Alakyo,The spritual head of Ombatse
Baba Alakyo,The spritual head of Ombatse
Dissociate Ombatse from the killings of security operatives
By  Rabiu Doma
The National president of Eggon Cultural and Development Association (ECDA), Christopher Mamman has dissociate Ombatse, The Eggon traditional Association for the killings of over ninety security operatives including commoners bringing the numbers of lives lost to 270, The leader of ECDA gave the disclosure at a press briefing organised the elders of Eggon nation to dissociate themselves from the mass killings of security operatives which was first of its kind in the history of the country.
Mamman disclosed that Eggon people apart from been peace-loving people they have never taking what belongs to them,”The question I will continue to ask is why the deployment of heavy security operatives to the peaceful community of Alakyo, adding that over 12 vehicles full load of armed security men invaded the village with a population of just 2000 people, He further said,no communal conflict was ongoing in the village,why the invasion ?
No media including channels Tv report the killings of the villagers instead they only report the mass killings of security opreatives at Alakyo, why the large number of security men, and why did the Government in authority fialed to deployed the heavy armed security outfit to the volatile zones where Eggons were brutalised by Fulani’s Christopher said Ombatse is not a violent movment and have on hands in the massacre of security operatives at Alakyo on Tuesday last week.
“Is a grave injustice and conspiracy associating Ombatse with the killings in Alakyo community,He further dissociates the militia association from the killings in Agyaragu,Assakio,Adding that the tenet of
—Ombatse is preaching against immorality in the society
—preaching peace
—we are not criminals
—we did not bring mercenaries to fight in the state
—Eggon should stay way from armed robbery
—stay away from his brother
Chirstopher Mamman said associating Ombatse from the killings is a divisionary tactics of the concerned authority from the heinous crime committed,He also attributed the uprising ot the failure of Government,”if you don’t have a responsible  administration in place all  sorts of crime will ensured in the society,according to him,”How many politicians  return to the electorate  after election ?.
He also associated the insecurity in the state to political undertone,The Governor knows the political cabals causing this crisis,The press also knows them,”After 2011 election some cabals start inciting hatred that Eggon are not the indegines of Lafia Local Government Area


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