Obasanjo Girls, Ezekwesili And Okonjo Iweala In War Of Words .



In a series of tweets released yesterday, the former World Bank VP for Africa, and minister of education, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili turned on her former ally, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who is the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and a former World Bank Managing Director.

Ezekwesili claimed that Iweala had subbed her in a lecture she gave at the Future Awards Symposium where she said “We should stop having false debates based on wrong or no information. Sometimes, I think it’s deliberate”

Upset by the alleged sub, Ezekwesili released a torrent of tweets where she hit back at her former colleague and friend (see below). She also released former speeches by Okonjo-Iweala to back up her claims.

Thereafter she again threw the gauntlet down and challenged Iweala to take her up on her demand of a public debate.

#PUBLICPOLICY101: Okonjo-Iweala cautions on Nigeria’s fiscal, debt profile – Proshare http://proshareng.com/news/singleNews.php?id=10106 … . Was she “misinforming” then?

#PUBLICPOLICY101: For anyone on my TL being rude because of my demand for #ACCOUNTABILITY, please get some basic lessons on #DEMOCRACY. 🙂

#PUBLICPOLICY101:SUBSTANCE of my speech was both #AMOUNT& #USE of #OILREVENUE. So assume we agree on AMOUNT as @ 2007. Now #ACCOUNT 4 #USE.


#PUBLICPOLICY101: If the Govt interpreted my speech to mean Foreign Reserve including ECA of “$67B”, sorry it was $45B. Now, please #ACCOUNT

#PUBLICPOLICY101:Once again I call for a DEBATE on how #OILREVENUE is being managed. Citizens have a RIGHT to KNOW. Simply that. No “SUB” 🙂

#PublicPolicy101: I believe that the Govt owes citizens #ACCOUNTABILITY on its management of #OILREVENUE. Take advantage of my call 4 DEBATE

#PublicPolicy101: My demand for a DEBATE was borne out of my realization that the Govt was playing a GAME of DISTRACTION on the issue.


#PublicPolicy101: SUBSTANCE is that as a citizen, I demanded #ACCOUNTABILITY for the run down&stagnation of the Foreign Reserve& Excess CA.

#PublicPolicy101: It is clear to me that the pretense on “their $67B” has been a perfect strategy to divert attention from the SUBSTANCE.

#PublicPolicy101: The Minister knows that my speech had the Foreign Reserve ( which is a composite # as $45B). They “invented $67” not me.


#PublicPolicy101: Mine was not a “sub” and still is not. If the Minister is confident of her FACTS, respond to my call for #ACCOUNTABILITY.


#PublicPolicy101:Those were tweets of what #YNaija calls a “sub” from the Minister of Finance to my demand 4 a Debate on the Foreign Reserve

#YNaija: ….. in respect of the ‘squandered’ $67bn foreign reserves.”

#Naija:”In apparent reference to the demands for a debate by her former colleague at both the World Bank and as Minister, Dr Oby Ezekwesili”


#YNaija: ‘We should stop having false debates based on wrong or no information. Sometimes, I think it’s deliberate’– Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala


Source: Naija Pundit



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