Press Statement: Death Of Prof Chinua Achebe, A Colosal Loss


Kwara- The story of Nigeria’s journey as a nation cannot be told without mentioning the enormous contribution of the great author and scholar, Professor Albert Chínụ̀álụmọ̀gụ̀ Àchèbé, an embodiment of wisdom transmitted into written literature for the emancipation of Nigeria and Africa at large. Indeed, Professor Achebe’s death is an immeasurable intellectual and moral loss to Nigeria and Africa.

From the library shelves, to the lecture room topics; from the conference discussions, to our public and personal lives, the themes of integrity, equity, rule of law and social justice for all which are salient philosophies in Achebe’s works keep guiding us even at various points as a nation since they also serve as important models for others to emulate.

I am deeply saddened by the news of Professor Achebe’s death because his intellectual wealth are treasures we may never find as a nation- all his articles, books and interviews released are kept on the most treasured side of my personal library and I visit and reflect on them for guidance on various issues from time to time.

In moments like this, we should come together as a nation, irrespective of the tribe, religion and social status, critically examine together in oneness the progressive ideologies of an icon like Professor Achebe and thoroughly inject them into our political, economic, educational and social culture, never to let his effort on Nigeria be in vain.

On behalf of the good people of my constituency and Senate Committee on Environment, I send my sincere condolence message to the families of the late professor Achebe and his fans all across the world.

Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki (CON)



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