Press Release: Reaction To Recent Press Report By Alh Yusuf Dauda


I will like to state here categorically that there is no amount of blackmail and false press report that will deter us from consolidating on our achievement towards the development of handball in our dear country Nigeria

I do not intend to go into media war with anyone, rather wish to shed light to the myopic understanding and display of ignorance in the workings of CAHB being expressed in some report circulating around the nation. CAHB regulation approves the payment of Euros 60 per participant with allocation of ratio Euros 20 and Euros 40 to CAHB and Host federation respectively.

Host federation, HFN in this case has the following responsibilities and financial commitment towards the success of the tournament Accommodate and feed the Participants and officials. Cater for transportation of teams and officials, Accommodate and feed the CAHB officials and Referees, Return tickets for Referees from their various countries, Business class return tickets for CAHB executives from their various countries, Publicity for the tournament, Security, Payment for Halls.  Maintenance of constant power supply through the use of generator, All of these responsibilities were successfully carried out with the allocation to the federation.

It may interest you to know that Nigeria had four (4) teams in the said tournament and they did not pay the stipulated amount of money. On record till date, HFN is being owed by one of the teams. In the same vein, each team present are expected to pay for accommodation on the 13th day of the tournament which et al refer to as solidarity fund, none of the team from Nigeria paid rather theirs were deducted from the source.

Aside the stated financial commitments, I will add to it that allowances were fully paid to all that were in the services of HFN during the tournament, including the drivers that came from various sport federations. Other buses were also hired to supplement those that came from different federations.

At this juncture, I will like to make it clear that five (5) different first class hotels were used during the tournament and HFN is only indebted to Hamdala Hotel, a sum of about N10million, in which the NSC has been on top of the situation to address it. At no time have I or my board members refuse to appear before NSC on this or any other account. Records are available to substantiate all these claims

In view of the above explanations on channels of commitment to ensure a successful hosting of the said tournament, I feel, the HFN under my leadership deserve an accolade of praise and not a baseless, unfounded, and cheap publicity reports emanating from an uninformed source.

I will also advise the press to please investigate more on reports to substantiate facts before publishing to ensure a balanced and well informed story.

Thank You





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