Merger Party’s Fate On Brink As African People’s Congress Unveils Manifesto, Constitution



The African People’s Congress (APC), has celebrated the public unveiling of the political party, and the official opening of the National headquarters of the party in Abuja.

Officials, members and supporters of the party, gathered at plot 983 Garki, opposite the main gate of Apo legislative quarters, where the national head offices of the party is located.

The party official red colored flags and emblem could be seen on the building as party members also wore red face caps and red mufflers.

In a prepared speech, the acting chairman of the party, Onyinye Michael Ikeagwuonu described the merger of major opposition political parties, ACN, CPC, ANPP and others as “simply an amalgam of people that must rule.”

He added that “they are largely part of the same over-recycled crop of power mongers that have plagued Nigeria with their abysmal misrule and maladministration.”

“The corruption in these parties often rubs off on their legislators in the National Assembly, with clear reflection on the quality of legislation churned out from our hallowed chambers,” he added.

Later in an interview with journalists, the legal adviser of the party, Kingsley Nnadi, said the fulfilment of the African People’s Congress in submitting its intention to register the party after passing other requirement of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), put to rest any controversy over the acronym (APC), of the Party.

According to him, “I believe the unveiling of the party has finally put to rest the contention of over the acronym APC. We are waiting for their response within thirty days, because we have fulfilled every stipulated requirement in the electoral act.”

He refused to answer question on the fake office address submitted to INEC in their application to register the party, responding that, “are we not here now at the head office of the party?”

He claimed that the party has offices in 26 states of the federation, and more offices were being opened and also said they were not in any way affiliated to the ruling PDP

Questions are rife on the minds of many over the sudden appearance of this party, complete with a constitution and manifesto as to whether this is an orchestrated attempt to cripple the success of the proposed merger and who are the real powers behind this new party. But with 2015 still ahead, this is seen to be just the beginning of interesting events to unfold.


Source: Channels Tv



  1. The APC merger, cannot be hurt by this PDP phantom. The worst that can happen is the choice of a new name. But I am sure it would not even get to that stage because, there is so much evidence of fraud in the Phantom APC. First the lawyer is using a fake address. The letter of intent is ahead of meeting the requirements and many more. Time shall tell

  2. why must the Ibo man always make himself available as a tool for democratic confusion in Nigeria.
    Nzeribe, Prof Nwosu
    now…this fool


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