Oganiru Ndigbo Foundation (ONF): The Lust For More Igbo Blood; Same Old Song



Press Release!!!

The Oganiru Ndigbo Foundation (ONF) an umbrella organization of progressive Igbo men and women from all walks of life both at home and in the Diaspora notes with dismay the wanton lust for Igbo blood which has become the signature of the Nigerian State in the last four decades. Most especially we have noted the frantic efforts by the Boko Haram insurgents and other organization hiding under similar claims to unleash terror on mostly innocent Igbos at every little opportunity.

We state that what took place at the New Road, Sabon Gari, Kano, the Kano State capital on Monday is to say the least unwarranted, quite disgusting, but nonetheless not surprising to us as it is in line with similar patterns in the recent past to attack Igbo interests in different parts of the federation under the guise of fighting a phony religious war.

While the Oganiru Ndigbo Foundation takes exception to this development and calls on the Federal Government to be alert to its duty of protecting the lives and property of every citizen of this country, we warn that failure to stop this orchestrated attacks on Ndigbo will most likely lead this country to a land of no return.

We also express our disappointment at the lame response from the Office of the President that ‘’the Federal Government will not be stampeded, for any reason whatsoever, into abandoning its unrelenting war against terrorists in the country’’. We want to see visible evidence of that unrelenting war. More so, we want the government to move beyond mere rhetoric in its unusual assurance that the ‘Nigerian Government will continue to do all that is required to ensure the safety of lives and property, including continued collaboration with local and international partners and stakeholders to check the menace of terrorism’’.

But most shocking is the muteness of Igbo leaders from those at the National Assembly to the State Governors who waited until others have condemned the act before making comments. This level of political correctness which has been the lot of Igbo leaders is quite condemnable in the face of this recurrent desire by elements of Islamic fundamentalism to continue maiming and wasting Igbo lives. So shocking is the fact that members of the South East Caucus of the House of Representatives were quiet while Hon. Ibrahim Olaifa (Accord Party/Oyo) was the one who sponsored a motion on the need to end the activities of terrorist groups in Nigeria was adopted for a resolution.


Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s belated call on security agencies to fish out culprits of the crime and that those behind these wicked acts should come to repentance, embrace dialogue, patriotism and respect for human life as prescribed by our laws, cultures and religious faith is to say the least a repetition we are tired of hearing.


We warn that this disregard for lives and most especially the attacks on Igbos across the northern part of this country should be stopped henceforth. We are making every effort to restrain our youths from retaliatory acts as we know such will have a negative impact on an already bad situation. However, our restraining powers will not be there forever, as we too are human. Government should act, and act decisively by employing whatever means necessary to bring these criminals to book and take steps to make this country safe again.





Architect LUCAS UCHE ONUH    Barrister EMEKA MADUEWESI                            Dr.GAIUS ONUH NDUKWE

President General                                 Leader                                                                    Secretary General



  1. The Igbo word for Sheep is Aturu. Aturu is also a descriptive Igbo word for a fool. It is only a fool or Aturu that will be told that death and annihilation are on their way to their house and you actually sit there and wait until such disaster arrives and wipes you out. The federal government has failed in its responsibility to defend the lives and properties of its citizens. Why keep waiting for help that is never coming. Exercise your rights of human-hood; either defend yourself, remove yourself from the zone of danger or stay put until you become extinct. Boko haram is unrelenting and neither is your government in her decision to do nothing. Save yourself and fight back or remain there and stop wasting your energy crying for help from people who couldn’t care less whether you live or die.


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