Unity Bank Loses N15.8m Belonging to A Customer



The integrity of the Nigerian banking system appear redirected to an unpleasant direction – particularly in a period when financial and commercial distrust seem on a rebound in the Nation’s financial system – and when the judiciary and/or prosecutorial arm of the federal government appear increasingly too sedated to pose a meaningful threat to the wealthy and well-connected.

This is as information available to 247ureports.com indicate that the Unity Bank branch domiciled in Bauchi State recently ‘misplaced’ a deposit belonging to one of its customers to the sum of N15.8million.

The customer, Alhaji Babayo Male who owes a bakery by name Alheri Bread located in Azere, Bauchi State, had opened a business account with the Unity Bank for his bakery business. Baba Gana was appointed as his Account Officer by the bank manger, Mohammed Hassan.

The management of the account was without incident – until he noticed that the sum of N15.8million had been mysterious “shifted” out of his account into a destination that was not readily clear – or readily explainable by the account officer or the Bank Manager. unclear as to what the bank had to offer as an explanation for the missing money, the owner of the account threatened going to the police.

At the point of the threat, the Branch Manager with the account officer – were said to have approached the account owner to plead with him – to “reason and seek an understanding” over the missing money. But the owner of the account who became stunned by what the Manager and Account Officer were telling him – opted to take the matter to the police.

The police took over the prosecution of the case.  

The police, according to their claims, filed the case to court mid January 2013 at the Magistrate Court [Court 6].

But court filing process brought about an interesting turn of events – indicative of a decayed judicial system. As the police alleged – the case had been filed before the courts but have been waiting – expecting a mention in the courts, to no avail – from the time of filing in mid January 2013 till 22 February 2013.

When court personnel were approached regarding the case, the employee/staff who refused to be identified told 247ureports.com that the case has been postponed indefinitely [sine die] – acknowledging that the case has yet to be called up by the Magistrate of Court 6 -Shafahatu Nadal.

Further efforts by our correspondent to ascertain why the case has yet to be called by the Magistrate – resulted in a hostile rebuke from the staff and clerk – who are normally cooperative in other cases. One of the staff indicated that an ’embargo’ had been placed on all matters concerning the case “until further notice“.  

In the meantime, the alleged victim has gone into hiding and has refused to speak on the matter for fear of retributive response from involved parties. A source close to the Baker who attempted to explain the Baker’s silence – stated that the baker is of the notion that the country’s judicial system has turned rotten – to enable Otedola to go free without prosecution after having given a bribe, while the recipient is not free. “He sees his situation as no different“, said the source.

The Unity Bank public relations officer, Sani Zaria was contacted by 247ureports.com. He answered our call but could not respond properly being that he was in an area where disco music was playing loudly. Having heard our request for response, he blotted, “I can’t talk now, call me tomorrow“.

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  1. Staff is already a plural word!!!!!! stop writing “staffs” because it is incorrect grammar and makes this website look very un-professional.

  2. Get a good lawyer and sue the bank and claim damages as well. Don’t waste your precious time purseuing a criminal case that is not within your control!


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