Stephen Keshi releases press statement

My attention has been drawn to reports in the media that I have resigned my appointment as the Head Coach of Super Eagles of Nigeria.

While I have had cause to express my displeasure over some issues that happened in the course of our participation in the AFCON 2013, which my team won by the grace of God, especially concerning my relationship with the Nigerian Football Federation, I have since had opportunity to discuss the various issues with all concerned. I am therefore pleased to say that I have reconsidered my position and have decided to continue with my job.
… I want to thank the Honourable Minister of Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, for his swift and kind intervention.

Stephen Okechukwu Keshi 12th February 2013


  1. The Able Stephen Keshi’s Resignation has shown his Patriotism and his Committment to his job. What he actually did is commendable. Even, if he lost to the Cote de’voire, he should be given more chances to showcase his abilities. Nigerians have not be reasoning in the proper manner especially our Leaders; ”A seed planted does not bear fruits in a day, it develops gradually”. It is a glory for the Super Eagles victory but looking at the other side, the Cote de’ivoire Players might be better than ours. When a series of match is played, the outcomes is looked at. Then, the retainment or termination of a Coach appointment can be decided upon.

    Nice for his withdrawal of his resignation. If he had not, it is a sore in the heart of Sports Lovers, more pertaining to the Super Eagles fans both at home and in the diaspora. Congratulations to Nigerians, the Super Eagles and the first indigenous Coach and ex-player of the Nigeria National Football team to lift the AFCON -Stephen Keshi.

  2. Stephen Keshi please you should have stood your ground against those nameless things in NFF and Ministry of Sports. If you had lost to Cote d’Ivoire, you would have being thrown away, either they leave or you leave, simple, take ur stand, let Nigerians stand by you and if they cannot, they are not worth it. Why should NFF hold Nigerian football to a ransom by playing politics, you have shown our problem is beyond coaches, they are looking for results not a program or a process, please they must resign, if they don’t, then resign, don’t be a part of their garbage.


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