Press Release: IBAF Invites Nigeria to Baseball World Cup


The International Baseball Federation, IBAF, the world governing body
for baseball has formally invited Nigeria for the forthcoming world
U-12 Baseball Championship scheduled to take place in Taipei, China
from July 20 to 28, 2013.
In extending the invitation to Nigeria, IBAF acknowledged the
developmental programme which the country has embarked on in the
recent years adding that embracing the international scene will no
doubt help in expiditing the development of the game in the country. IBAF has also invited 12 other countries from other parts of the world
to take part in this competition.
Meanwhile, the process of getting the best players that will represent
Nigeria in the world tournament has started with a camping in Ibadan
starting 19 February 2013 and to run for 8 days. Best players have
seen selected from teams in different from every parts of the country
with Oyo state government playing a pivotal role in the national
camping event.
In addition, an American Coach has been appointed as the technical
adviser of the national team and he is scheduled to be in Nigeria very
soon to start working on the team.
Commenting on the journey so far, the secretary of Nigeria Baseball
and softball Federation (NBSF) Mr. Kehinde Laniyan praised the efforts
of the international body in making sure that the game of baseball
grows in Nigeria adding that the nation’s invitation among the 12
participating countries was a clear indication that the national body
is leaving no stone unturned in making sure that it takes the game to
the nooks and crannies of this country.
“We felt fulfilled when we got the invitation. It show that somebody,
somewhere is closely following what we are doing here” he said.
Nigeria is also playing host to international headquarters of African
Baseball and softball Association (ABSA) with Nigeria born Gen. Ishola
Williams (Rtd) being the president.

Ikenna Agu
Head of media



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