Obosi’s Ak47 War: Family Petitions IGP Over Son’s Murder


Anekwu pix

When the 25 year old Accountancy University of Nigeria graduate native/resident of Obosi in Idemili North LGA of Anambra state offered to drop off his mother, Blessing Anekwu in her office on December 5, 2012, little did they know it would be his waterloo.

Because little did he know that despite being a recent guest of the Criminal Investigation Department of the state Police command where he was detained and later released on bail, the State Security Service (SSS) was equally hot on his trail.

So, few meters away from their Ireh village Obosi home on their way to Nkpor Junction, he was shot dead, his mother seriously wounded, while their vehicle-a Toyota RAV 4(SUV) jeep was riddled with bullet.

His heartbroken father, Ikechukwu Anekwu admitted he initially thought it was the handiwork of kidnappers or hired killers. But few days after searching for him, he was told he was in the custody of the SSS in Awka. He also admitted that an encounter with the state Director of the SSS, Mr Alex Okeiyi unfortunately confirmed his worst fears that his son died during the Nkpor encounter. A bitter Anekwu then went to take care of his equally fatally injured wife.

Narrating his pains to journalists who sought to know what really happened, Anekwu said his residence was few weeks earlier invaded around 2am by some men who had demanded for him to produce his son, or they would pull down the house. That though very agitated, he managed to tell them that his son was not at home and that he did not know where he was.

He was also informed that a certain high caliber ak47 assault rifle was ‘captured’ during a recent communal clash between Obosi and Nkpor communities, which was allegedly under the custody of his son, Obiesie

That after several failed demands and representations to him to hand it over, it had become imperative to recover it by force. The father said he denied being aware of the issue but promised to intervene. The officers left, but promised to return until the boy hands in the weapon.

Anekwu confirmed that consequently he visited the Obosi traditional ruler, Igwe Chidubem Iweka(111) where he narrated his encounter and his discussion with the officers.

Following series of petitions before and after the death of his son, dated Nov 12, 2012 and Dec 13, 2012 to the Inspector General of Police, by Mr Anekwu, the IGP sent a special investigative team from Police Headquarters to interrogate suspects including SSS men and the monarch.

But Okeiyi told reporters that the late Anekwu was a notorious gangster and bandit who had been on the watch/security list of security agencies in the state, “until he fell to the superior of my men..”

In his reaction, Igwe Iweka confirmed the visit of Anaekwu, but was quick to point out he told him to impress on his son to hand over the rifle to law enforcement agents. That he was out to rid the community of bad eggs. More so that the youngman’s name had been linked to series of anti-social acts including rape, snatching of bags/handsets, kidnap murder and armed robbery. That he appealed to the father who incidentally is one of his relations to ensure he was handed in. The monarch also linked the continued criminal activities in the community to the presence of regrouping of the disbanded members of the Adike Peace Foundation (APF), a notorious gang that was led by one Omezie Chukwurah, aka “Obosi-Governor”. That the new underground group was comprised of meat sellers, bus-conductors, okada riders and other jobless youth in the community in their large numbers.

Iweka thanked Gov Peter Obi immensely for outlawing the group. He called on all peaceloving citizens to join hands with him to rebuild the community to its hitherto enviable position that according to him was the pride of all. He accused Chukwura of having successfully pocketed the police in the area and the state.But Chukwura in a sharp reaction on the phone denied knowing what the monarch said, insisting that he has remained a quiet and peace loving businessman.

Mr Anekwu told reporters that he would continue the struggle for justice for his son until someone listens and something was done. That he has taken the battle to the national Assembly.

Police sources disclosed that the investigation has been concluded and the special team from the Force Headquarters gone back with their findings and could be made public soon.



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