Face The Issues And Shun Propaganda, ACN Replies PDP

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The Rivers State Chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, says it will continue to remind the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state of its obligations and responsibilities to the state as a stakeholder in the state resources and cannot be intimidated or cowed by the cheap propaganda now being adopted by the state government.


A press statement issued and signed by the publicity secretary of the party, Jerry Needam, said rather than resort to playing to the gallery, the dismal Amaechi led PDP government should face the facts and task of giving the state good leadership as obtains in many other states with lesser resources.


Ours is to ensure that the peaceful disposition of the people should not be taken for granted to undermine the state as is presently the case, the statement further remarked.


On the allegation of plotting to destabilize the government, the ACN spokesman, Jerry Needam said excuses will continue to be the comfort of mediocre people to cover up their inefficiencies, stressing that the ACN is a party of men of integrity who are conscious of their reputation, Godfearing and cannot indulge in anything that will not promote the progress, unity and peace of the state which the PDP government is working hard to see not happen since crisis situations provide them with better opportunity to loot.


“Ordinarily, we do not wish to join issues with anybody let alone the PDP that is factionalized in the state for now, lest we would be accused of recognizing or legitimizing one faction of the party while they are still in court, but for the fact that the stated allegation was transmitted from the office of the honourable Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs Ibim Semenitari which shows she authored the statement and merely attached the name of the factional publicity secretary of the PDP”.


“We make bold to urge Gov Amaechi or the titanic PDP as a ruling party to challenge  any of the issues raised by our party to prove otherwise ‘accused’ to the Rivers people who own the resources they are wasting with equanimity. Taking on individuals is far from the issue as no amount of intimidation or threat can frighten us out of the path of truth”.


“We are very much aware of the character of the Amaechi administration to frame up charges against perceived opponents as it did to a group of factional PDP in 2010, forcing them to court on alleged cultist activities. We will continue to be steadfast in our mission and vision for equity, fairness and justice for all”, Jerry Needam declared.


The ACN also reminded the state government that the only way to win the confidence and trust of the people is true and selfless leadership, running a government devoid of corruption, wastefulness, hypocrisy and not cheap propaganda embellished with intimidation, threat and inciting the equally discomforted security agencies.






Jerry Needam, JP

Publicity Secretary

Action Congress of Nigeria

Rivers State.

February  1, 2013



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