BAGG Blames Yuguda for Bauchi Security Challenges



The various security challenges threatening the peace of the people in Bauchi State, has been attributed to poor and insincere leadership of the governor.

In a press release issued to journalists by Bauchi Alliance for Good Governance (BAGG) on the escalation of security challenges in the State signed by leader of the group, Comrade Chindo Abdulsalam, it was stated that the various security challenges confronting the State usually emanate from poor and insincere leadership loaded over the people.

According to the group, despite the presence of trained and determined security personnel in the State, the Yuguda administration seems to rely more on the use of miscreants parading themselves as security personnel to proffer solutions to security challenges.

“Yuguda believes more in the reports of untrained political groups the likes of Conflict Resolution outfit and another group led by a dismissed military private than supporting the efforts of recognized security agencies operating in the State. Such groups have over the years caused more damage than solution to security challenges”, it said

BAGG opined that in most cases, concocted and fictitious alarms are raised by such outfits not usually authenticated by genuine security agencies before funds are hurriedly released to support the dubious claims.

“In most cases, these political groups concoct fictitious alarms in collaboration with their like minds to squeeze funds from government. In such cases, instead of the government to refer such alarms to genuine security agencies for proper investigation, funds are released to the miscreants for ‘service’. Most of their security alerts are arranged with the intent to defraud government than supporting it to overcome the challenges”, it said

The NGO added that in 2008, one of such groups had duped the State Government over N100million for ‘security’ protection during the local government council’s election and since then, the gates remain opened for all sorts of fictitious security alerts to siphon funds with ease a result of which the State is witnessing today.

“Genuine security agencies are only engaged in curative instead of preventive exercises while the fakes are in-charge of providing preventive solutions without the required expertise. The situation has to escalate since genuine security agencies are relegated to only curative solutions” it said




  1. Some politicians and Political leaders in the Northern part of Nigeria especially the Governors where Islamic militants have held sway are not telling us all they know, but I don’t blame them . It’s President Goodluck Jonathan’s fault for failing to send military administrators to these areas when it all began. Am sure if he had even merely mentioned it, these enemies of unity and progress considering how much they would loose in terms,of power and wealth. When is Gboko Haram going to stike in Katsina, Niger and sokoto? or are these states not North. Food for thought.


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