Anambra State Doles Out More Flood Disaster Funds



Anambra State Government (ANSG) will continue its proactive intervention in assisting those affected by the 2012 floods today, Friday 22 February 2013. Relief materials  and funds will be delivered to the 9 Anambra East communities, namely: Enugwu Otu, Eziagulu Otu, Mkpunando, Umuoba Anam, Aguleri Uno, Igbariam, Umueri, Nando, and Nsugbe.

A total of N54,250,000 (N54.250) million and 2100 bags of sorghum, 1200 bags of maize and 360 bags of garri will be shared out to the nine communities.

On the first day of distributing the second tranche of approved intervention funds and relief materials, N43.7 million was handed out to the 10 communities in Awka North and Anyamelum LGAs on 21 February 2013 by the SFDRCC (State Flood Disaster Relief Coordinating Committee).

The timing of delivery of the funds and materials has been calibrated by the Peter Obi Administration to fill the gap of unmet needs in the food production sector and ensure that the deleterious impact of the flood and especially the food insecurity created by the flood devastation is ameliorated with sustainable financial and material assistance.  Overall, ANSG will be disbursing N400 million during this second tranche. The criteria for distributing the present funds is that 50% will be applied towards agriculture while the usage of the remaining balance will be determined by each community.

The various affected communities in Anambra continue to express their profound appreciation to the Peter Obi government and the federal government for coming to their aid and for the transparent, prudent and careful manner in which the Anambra State flood disaster fund has been handled.

SSG Oseloka H. Obaze, who oversees Anambra State flood disaster relief operations, noted that accountability and proactive management of a complex emergency such as the flood disaster, would always remain a threshold test and measure of good governance in the state.

Flood damages and loss of productivity costs in Anambra State in 2012 are estimated to be some N23 billion.



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