APGA Has No Structure To Win Election In Abia State; Says Nwangwa




Candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance for Obingwa/Osisioma Ngwa/ Ugwunagbor federal constituency in the 2011 polls, Chief Charles Nwangwa says APGA has no structures capable of winning elections in Abia state.

In an interview with  journalists at his country home in Obingwa local council of the state, Nwangwa who is now a member of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP); said the latter maintains a better structure that would help any candidate actualize his political dreams.

“PDP here in Abia State is well organized and well structured. In PDP, they helped their candidates to do things. While I was in APGA, I did everything for myself. I had to hire people to paste my posters.  I did everything by myself. So, the party (APGA) does not have a proper structure in the state.  “They (APGA) are not organized. The leadership is in quandary, it is in shambles. But PDP is organized and they are at every nook and cranny,” he said. He further decried what he described as the lack of government presence in his area.

“Other parts of Obingwa were all in the town and developed. My ward is on the part of the Akwa Ibom state. The other time it was people of Akwa Ibom state that graded our roads. Our people go to school in Akwa Ibom state; straight from here. None of those who represents us; whether in the senate, House of Representatives, state House of Assembly or Council chairman; has cared to visit my people.

“Nobody has even been a councilor from this ward. Everything eludes this ward and that is why I am around this time, to bring out my people into lime light.  So, this is the time we need someone to speak in the interest of my people.”




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