Great Tompolo, I hail you! – By Tony Ipreye Uranta


Yesterday, Thursday 30 November, in Warri, Delta State, Chief Government Ekpekpumpolo, aka Tompolo, proved that greatness does not die as a caterpillar, but continually evolves and redefines itself until butterflies colour the sky, as he unfolded evidence of his ongoing social responsibility endeavours towards educational prowess of children in our creeks and at the grassroots, even as he launched The Tompolo Foundation formally!

The Presidency was there; Royal Fathers graced the ceremony; State Governors too; also, Finance and other corporate moguls flocked the venue; as well as did the living pioneers and ongoing leaders of the Ijaw/Niger Delta struggle!
It was a grand, and humbling, event, as we all were feted by comedy from the joke-maestro Gordons, history by our own indomitable K3, future possibilities by Education Minister of State Nyesom Wike, astounding potentials by VERY articulate pupils of an Oporoza primary school, and speakers representing Nigeria’s major ethnic groupings!
Rarely have I witnessed such humility and philanthropic enterprise in a young man, such as exhibited by this GREAT GOC of men; and, even more rare was the un-orchestrated outflow of love, respect and solidarity (evidenced in the about half a billion naira cheerfully donated by groups, individuals and corporate bodies, all of which told stories of how Tompolo had impacted them directly and positively!)
Great Tompolo, I hail you!
Tony Ipreye Uranta


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